The iPhone – Many Gadgets in One

The iPhone is all around us.  It has become one of the most popular brands in the world and a runaway success when it comes to mobile phone sales.  But part of that success is not down to how good it is as a phone, but how good it is as a gadget, or perhaps a tad more accurately, as many gadgets.

This is because the iPhone has the ability to perform a huge number of roles that, until now, needed many gadgets to do them.  So instead of spending a lot of money on a huge number of gadgets, and not forgetting pockets to fir them all in, you can now simply get an iPhone and get them all in one cheap, simple and easy to carry package.

The iPhone’s ‘Gadgets’

So what gadgets does the iPhone do the job of?

  • MP3 player. The iPhone can be directly linked to the massive iTunes market which gives access to a massive selection of songs, podcasts and much more.  The iPhone also contains a number of the technology pieces used in the iPod and as such is a very powerful piece of software and hardware that is as good as any MP3 player on the market.
  • Video player. Online video technology is easily integrated into the iPhone and the huge touch screen allows for a wonderful viewing portal.  Video can also be purchased from iTunes, including episodes of top shows such as CSI and Bones.
  • PDA. PDA’s are designed to help your organise your day and get work done on the move… the iPhone is the ultimate PDA.  With powerful diary functionality the iPhone allows such things as to do lists, reminders and more to be created to help keep yourself organised.
  • Email client. These days keeping up with your email is vital, the world is too fast moving to be able to afford missing emails.  Which is why the iPhone is such a useful email client.  It can access most email servers, including the very popular Microsoft exchange servers, as well as allowing complete access to web based emails such as Hotmail and Gmail.
  • Games machine. There are a vast number of games available for the iPhone and, with the latest update in processing power, the phone can be used as a powerful hand-held gaming device capable of holding it’s own against the likes of the Nintendo DS.

Of course there are many more gadgets that the iPhone can take the place of, often thanks to the functionality aspect of the numerous applications that you can add to the phone.  Software exists to use your iPhone as a foreign currency exchange calculator, a Dictaphone, a camera, a video camera, and much, much more.

The ability for the iPhone to function as all these gadgets should never be overlooked when you are considering a new phone.  Too many gadgets can be expensive and difficult to manage, having them all in one place, as you can do with an iPhone, is a very useful thing to have indeed.

LG launch new phone GS200

LG is delightfully to announced a new basic phone smart brand phone in its catalog with stylish look specially designed for people who love to listen the music on mobile phone. The phone label LG GS200, has been launched internationally and is only available in Russia.

LG GS200 comes in two colors Black and Red hues attracting the attention of lots of young music lovers around the world. The phone is equipped with an external speaker for better sound effects. The phone supports PC synchronization and MicroSD card expansion up to 8GB.

LG GS200 is characterized by the presence of a 1.3 megapixel camera; display 176 x 220 points by 2 inches, MP3 player with FM radio, Bluetooth and expandable memory with microSD card format.

GS200 new mobile phone by LG
GS200 new mobile phone by LG

The phone is without support for 3G mobile networks, but offer the possibility to register on the memory card as broadcast by radio stations, listen to it later their favourite programs.

Some of the key features of LG GS 200 are as follows:

  • 1.3 Megapixel Camera
  • Music Player (MP3, eAAC+ & WAV)
  • 14 Hours Music Playback
  • GPRS Class 10
  • Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP
  • 2″ inch (176X220 pixels) TFT Display
  • Micro SD card slot, up to 8GB
  • Tri Band Technology (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
  • Stereo FM Radio with Recording
  • USB 2.0
  • External Speaker
  • Video Player (MPEG4 & H264)

iPhone Security features

How to Set up a secure email for your iPhone
By default, your iPhone use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for, IMAP, POP, e-mail and SMTP; SSL e-mail connections work same as secure web sessions:  iPhone’s e-mail software connections exchanges digital certificate information through the mail server, this creates an encrypted channel which can’t be broken even if using any well-known techniques. For, Gmail, Mac, Yahoo Mail and AOL accounts, which you have set up from your mail screen, SSL is set as the default option which shouldn’t be changed. But remember that you will not get this security when you login to your account through your web-mail interface at Safari. Mac and Yahoo unfortunately don’t provide SSL-protected web-mail access. Gmail offers, but make sure to use when you access it, won’t work.

For additional accounts to the four service providers, you’ll have to confirm with your ISP to check if it’s supported by SSL connections. But if the ISP doesn’t offer you with a secure option, then you can work through this problem by simply setting the e-mail account to copy all incoming messages or forward automatically to secure service such as Hushmail ( Thereafter you can have a mail account set on you iPhone in order to retrieve your e-mails from Hushmail with complete confidence.

How to browse web securely on your iPhone
Even though Apple offers a few options meant for protecting different kinds of web traffic, regrettable not any of them are perfect. Set up secure web proxies one of the option is to use a secure web proxy service, like Secure-Tunnel ( This secure proxy creates a SSL connection among the Secure-Tunnel’s servers and your browser representation your session’s unreachable to local Wi-Fi network snoopers. When you want to setup a secure proxy for your web access, and then go to your settings: Network: Wi-Fi. Regrettably, the setting only works on a per-connection basis. You will need to reenter the identical proxy data drearily every single time you have to connect to different networks, making it a somewhat impractical solution with most users. Use a VPN Another option you can use is a VPN. VPNs cover every data leaving an entering operating system on the network this includes, web data, widget communications and e-mail in a strong encryption.

Two popular software are supported by Apple for VPN client: these two are L2TP and PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), frequently known as IPsec (IP Security) over L2TP (Level 2 Tunneling Protocol).regrettably, if the company requires you to the use your ISP this uses an unique port for the secure e-mail, you will be able to set the iPhone’s Mail program to accommodate this (Port numbers just like numbered cubbies in the mailroom: every cubby corresponds with a particular service, such as, FTP, chat or e-mail.) To have your account set up, click on Settings the Mail and Other. Instead of entering only a mail server address for example,, obtain the port number and a colon, like this:

How to use iPhone bookmarks

Opening and Creating Your Bookmarks
When you want to have a Web page bookmarked, tap at the plus sign that is on the left side of your address bar. Now the Add Bookmark screen shall appear, here you will be able to edit this page name- to make it easy and simplifies any long names now choose this bookmark which resides in the Bookmark folders. If you like to set the new bookmark in an already existing folder, simply tap the arrow on the right side of word Bookmark; now tap on a desired folder at the easy-to-browse hierarchical list what appears. After you done just click on Save.

When opening one page from the bookmark list, click on bookmarks icon in toolbar at the bottom. Select any bookmark to have it opened, or click a folder if you like to browse the bookmarks. The back-arrow button that’s at the upper left brings you up a level at the bookmarks hierarchy.
You also able to browse the Safari history through its Bookmark screen, once you tapped the bookmark icon, then move at the highest level on the bookmark list. Here you will find the History folder. Simply click on this folder here you see the list of recent Web pages you have visited. You won’t be able to delete single sites from the history page but you are able to delete the entire list at once by clicking on its Clear button.

How to manage bookmarks
When you on-the-go, you may use iPhones Bookmarks screen if you want to delete, edit, rename or reorganize you bookmarks. Click on Edit button on the bottom at Bookmarks screen when you want to enter the editing mode. Here are able to delete any folder or bookmark- except the Bookmarks Bar, Bookmarks Menu and History folders- by clicking the minus sign (-)  which is next to the name. if you wish to edit any URL tap on the bookmark`s title which is on edit screen. Your resulting screen will let you relocate this bookmark to any new folder, and if you like to move the bookmark to lower or higher position in its present folder – for an example, put sites most visited right at the top of the list- just menu icon on the right side of bookmark`s title in your new location. (Regrettably you can not drag the bookmark into the folder the same way) new folders can be created for any future bookmarks just by clicking the New Folder key. Even though the iPhone provides you with most tools you will need for managing the bookmarks on-the-go, a much easier option will be to use Web Browser on PC or your Mac to organize or edit them; iTunes allows you to sync bookmarks on a desktop version, Internet Explorer on Windows, and Safari on the Mac. To have this set up, simply plug the iPhone to the computer then open your iPhone settings screen at iTunes.

How to send a text message from iPhone

Start a conversation
To send messages via a SMS, click on your Text button which is on Home screen, then you may tap on new-message icon. Enter a recipient`s cell-phone number, type in the contact`s name ( same as in Mail, shows up the list of contacts which matches, select one by clicking on it), otherwise click on your plus sign to select an existing contact that’s in the contacts list. Make sure that you choose a contact`s cell-phone number otherwise you message wont be send. (Unfortunately, not same as the SMS features on various other phones, your Text only allows just a single recipient a message) Use your on-screen keyboard when typing a message, thereafter tap on the Send. What will happen next separates a Text program in the iPhone in comparison to a basic SMS feature on other phones. It doesn’t take you back on the main messaging screen; instead Text will open a screen that looks very similar to the iChat window on Mac. The message to your recipient, also all subsequent messages send by you appears at the right inside colored balloons and the replies you may receive from that contact will appear in different colored balloons on your left side.

Messages which appear within short interval come grouped together within a single time frame showing what time back-and-forth started, and if considerable time passes since your last message in your conversation, a new message receives another time stamp. Regrettably, not like most modern cell-phones, Text does not support MMS, this is a variant type of SMS which allows you to send media file and photos via text messages. Nonetheless, if anyone sends you their phone number or a URL, you will be able click on those items and use it immediately. When you tap on any URL it will open a link in Maps, Mails or Safari, depends on what type link, while clicking a phone number shall call that number. Tap the little arrow button that’s next to a message and you will reveal an option to add the number or link to an existing or new contact, or, a cell-phone number, sending new SMS message at that number. Here we get to the facts the iPhone lacks in the copy and paste feature. To have another message send to that same person click within text field below the window. Text preserves the entire SMS conversation, which you have with that other person on one screen. That conversation window will be kept above multiple conversations, making it possible to see all messages from and to each recipient, yet they are days, months or weeks apart. This approach makes it more useful than any SMS functionality for most phones that stores every message separately. When you decide that you prefer a live chat, then simply tap the Call key on the top on your conversation screen, here you call the person on the number you used to SMS. If you like to call another number or send an e-mail, click the Contacts info key and access their contact information.