Apple to Update Apple TV Netflix

The new Apple TV will include “programming from Netflix,” which will be available as part of the new set top box platform from Apple. It will be just like the current streaming options available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the Apple TV-based software would require a monthly subscription with the Netflix service.

Apple TV Netflix

According to “Bloomberg BusinessWeek”, Apple will announce a set-top box for video that will include Netflix programming and a revamped version of Apple TV . So far the idea of Apple TV has not exactly taken off and the speculation is that Apple will soon release a $99 version which is a great deal less, $130 less in fact, than the current version. It’s thought that the appeal of Netflix will make the idea of Apple TV a good deal more attractive to consumers. We hope to find out more about this later from the Apple event and we’ll keep you up-to-date with developments.
Apple is widely expected to introduce a new, smaller iPod nano, and an iPod touch with two cameras and a Retina Display, the awaited Apple TV update was considered less of a certainty. However, the latest report would suggest the hardware is likely to appear.