HP Slate Deals – Grab them before they are gone

HP Slate
HP Slate

If you are wondering what is HP Slate, then you are not alone. Many have wondered what HP, which is one of the major manufacturers of computer products is doing in the market place in order to counter the huge demand and popularity of the Apple iPad. Now the iPad is already well known and many articles have been written on it. Many people have also benefitted from some free offers from Apple when they wanted to promote the product initially. However, not much is known about the HP Slate and whether HP is going to make similar free offers to consumers.

That is where the marketing team of HP has a surprise in store. They do not want to miss out using the huge marketing budget that most big companies have in place and to be used whenever they have a new product to roll out into the market. For all those wondering how such companies manage to offer freebies, the answer is the marketing budgets they have and are allowed spend freely from.

It is sensible advertising and marketing when companies spend on free samples and distribute them to many consumers. This is the best way to make a product known and companies know that once the product becomes known, demand will automatically rise and they will get flooded with orders from these very consumers. It is therefore a win-win situation for both the consumer as well as the company. The free samples are also of excellent quality.

HP is not new to this. Some months back they had distributed free laptops to consumers who bought their printer and scanner. So it is not surprising that they would be distributing free HP Slate gadgets and you can get good HP Slate deals if you are alert enough to the opportunity.

So how do you get access to the free deal?

Well the ‘test and retain’ offer that many consumer companies come out with is pretty similar in its methodology. You only need to look for websites that promote such offers and all you have to do is to fill in the survey form. It normally does not take more than 5 minutes of your time and once you give them some personal information including the shipping address, they would send you a confirmatory mail to check if you are genuine. You will then receive the HP Slate through a good logistic provider and you will receive it in your house absolutely free of cost.

Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 OS

After three of iOS leading the smart phone market with iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, Microsoft have today launch Windows Phone 7 smart-phone operating system (OS) in UK and it will be available in America early next month. The Window phone 7 is released to provide a formidable competitor in the smart phone operating systems market; Windows Phone 7 OS is going to face lots of good competitors in the market such as Nokia, Google Andriod, Apple iPhone 3 and iPhone4. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has made no secret of his intention of Microsoft to target iPhone, despite his initial scepticism about the potential for the iPhone given its less than impressive battery life. That the focus has shifted from outright dismissal to seeing the iPhone as corporate enemy number one is a sign that Microsoft is happy to adopt a niche brand strategy, something unthinkable when it comes to Windows on the PC and Office.

Window Phone 7

According to Microsoft sources, the new Window phone 7 OS is a complete rebuilt window phone and should be able to appeal to users because it is totally user friendly with lots of app and interface. This new operating system has been built around ‘hubs’ with music and photos together, which are then synchronised with storage services on the Web and the user’s personal computer. It is believe that Windows Phone 7 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, and even a pretty smart mobile operating system. The Window phone 7 OS will be available on nine phones, and with 60 operators in 30 countries.

The new Window phone 7 is parked with lots of ready to use apps such as Twitter, eBay, Facebook, railway timetables are ready for launch with more apps in the pipeline. Microsoft has partnered with three smart phone manufacturers, which include HTC, LG and Samsung, so you can get your window phone 7 OS on any of them.

Unlock the iPhone

If you want more out of your iPhone than its inbuilt features then you have to think in terms of iPhone jailbreaking so that you can not only use it for the purpose you want but also enjoy the services of other cellular companies, use Flash, get access to many restricted applications already present within the iPhone, use a variety of wallpaper, use third party applications, use video chat, watch live TV and also get to enjoy free roaming facilities. More importantly, if you have to unlock your iPhone, there is no choice but to jailbreak it so that you can connect to other networks without any hassle. Jailbreaking your iPhone will also improve the resale value of your iPhone tremendously since any prospective buyer will want and will get all the facilities readymade and he or she would not have to do anything.

However, you first need to understand how Apple has put together this wonderful device. There are two partitions that talk to each other – one is the media partition and the other is the partition which houses the operating system itself. It is thus logical that all media related applications such as the ability to play MP3, view movies, save contacts and other such related files are saved in this media partition. Only the core files which help you operate your gadget are placed in the partition housing the operating system.

Fortunately, there is a software available that will help you unlock and jailbreak your iPhone easily, how to jailbreak an iphone. This software does not lead to any loss of features or functionality of the iPhone and what’s more is offered with a money back guarantee. There is also a life time membership offer where you need not have to pay for the unlocking or jailbreaking of any iPhone in future. This software works with all versions of iPhone and even the older iTouch models. The providers of this software also are willing to give future support if required. It is therefore worthwhile trying out such software since you would have nothing to lose.

If you are concerned about the legality of jailbreaking, then rest assured that it is fully legal and as long as your gadget is not used to hurt somebody, there is no problem. You would however forfeit the warranty of the device and this is true in most European countries. Jailbreaking also generally does not harm the device and you can thus try out the software to unlock your iPhone.

How to unlock HTC Aria

You have bought yourself the HTC Aria and are thrilled that finally you have something in your hand that you always wanted. After the initial days of usage and exploring all its features, you notice certain restrictions and realize that those have been put in place by the manufacturer. One of them is the fact that you cannot use any other mobile services and have to mandatorily use the service to which the gadget is programmed and linked.

If that mobile service is good and affordable, you would not have a problem. But if you find the service quality abysmal and the rates high, then you will get the feeling that you are stuck with a gadget that is not giving you total satisfaction. This will be felt all the more by you when you roam and have to pay much higher charges for the roaming service.

The only option then is to look for methods on how to unlock the HTC Aria as you know that by unlocking the Aria HTC; you would be able to get access to other mobile operator services and would be able to enjoy not only better services but also escape roaming charges. You would also be able to use more than one SIM card so that official and personal calls can be taken separately. What’s more, you would be able to visit any country and use the local mobile operator services without having to pay a lot by way of roaming charges. You would also be able to increase the resale value of your gadget with this as the new buyer would be definitely interested in getting an unlocked SIM.

So how do you achieve the unlocking of your HTC Aria?

Well, this service is offered by certain specialized and expert websites, unlocking the aria htc. All that is required by you is to give them the mobile phone model as well as the IMEI code of your HTC. You can find the IMEI code by either dialing #06# or by looking at the sticker beneath the battery. Upon receiving this information, they will email you the eight digits unlock code which you need to enter into your gadget and get your SIM unlocked.

The service offered comes with a money back guarantee and they are able to provide you with the unlocking code within a few minutes. They only ask you to first check if your gadget is accepting the unlock code prior to requesting them for the service.

iPhone 4g cases – Buy from the options available below

The advance in technology has led to the introduction of many new and exciting gadgets into the market. Technology has ensured that gadgets can be manufactured in small sizes without compromising on their utility value. You thus have computers, mobile phones and music systems now available in a variety of small sizes that consumers can choose from. The iPhone is one such example that has become the craze amongst consumers. However it is necessary to take proper care of such gadgets through the use of adequate protective covers and you must therefore buy iPhone 4g cases suiting your requirement to ensure that the gadget is safe from any fall, does not suffer scratches and so on.

When it comes to iPhone cases, there are different options that you can consider:

  • The metal cases – This is something you can look at as the first option if you are not confident about your ability to ensure that the gadget does not fall down often due to clumsy handling. It will provide good protection to the gadget.
  • Leather cases – These look classy and exude elegance. They are also more expensive than other options. However, you need to look at genuine leather as only that can provide your gadget with the protection. Do not go for cheap imitation cases as they would not only not look good but will also fall short when it comes to protection.
  • Silicone cases – These are tough ones that will surely provide great protection to the screen which is the most vulnerable part of your iPhone 4g. Moreover, they also provide a good grip which will in turn lead to better handling of the gadget and prevent it from falling down.
  • Cases made out of Polycarbonate – These are good in terms of being impact resistant and are good to have when you are exposing your IPhone to different temperatures. The cases also feature a nice and cute opening for the camera that is inbuilt into your iPhone 4g.
  • Cases made out of Carbon Fiber – They are preferred mainly because they are extremely lightweight and also because they are available in a variety of colors and patterns. They thus offer utility and good looks at the same time and though expensive are well worth the price if you wish to flaunt your IPhone 4g.

You can thus buy iPhone 4g cases from the above options but need to anyways ensure you handle your gadget with care and not leave it to the case to always provide protection.