Twitter and Facebook link for new phone application

BlackBerry Curve 3G
BlackBerry Curve 3G

Now, whatever mobile phone you might have, be it a Blackberry Curve or anything else, if you have Facebook or Twitter, you will have admission to the World Wide Web! You might be sat there thinking “That’s a fairly evident statement!” Well yes it is, however soon enough, if rumours should be believed you may then not be visiting Facebook or Twitter independently you could very well be signing onto one joint account for both social networking websites. Yes that’s correct one account for the two sites. This is only after all rumours, not truth, fact and it has almost definitely not yet been confirmed.

In a recent interview at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams was asked about whether or not Twitter could be open to undertaking more integration with Facebook to which he answered: “I think you’ have to ask Mark (Zuckerberg) that. But you missed your opportunity.” Williams joked, as Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook’s founder had been questioned on the stage the day before. So if you’re an enthusiastic Twitterer however have an allegiance with Facebook then this would, we imagine become a dream come true for you!

Now discussing devices, there are some excellent mobile phones available on the market at the moment so if you’re after one of many handsets then you will have to shop around a little bit, for example, there are several very good Blackberry Curve deals inside our stores as well as some other mobile phones that are offered. Blackberry’ aren’t’ actually the finest handsets for Facebook and Twitter like but they aren’t’ bad.

At the minute though, Twitter are pondering whether or not to raise a new round of financing there seem to be rumours circulating there are numerous venture firms which are champing at the bit to lead this completely new round of financing. There are some investors being touted, however let’s be honest if you’d lots and lots of cash then would you really want to be chucking $100million of your hard earned cash into Twitter? I know for a fact, I wouldn’t’ want too! But some of the possible investors who are being touted around at the minute are Russian organization DST who has invested already in Zynga, Groupon and finally, Facebook itself are allegedly leading the race for who’ll front the next round of investment.

If Twitter do get that extra investment you can be certain that it won’ be going down the pan anytime soon after they raised $100million little over a year ago!

Facts About Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi essentially is the technology that enables you to transmit information, images without the need for wires or VGA cables. It is the best option that enables you to get access to data of all kinds as well as images, videos without the need to put in place cabling, wiring, connectors and other paraphernalia normally associated with a wired service.

How does it work?

Wi-Fi makes use of a technology called as IEEE 802.11a or 802.11b. This means that speeds of 11Mbps or 54 Mbps can be harnessed as the network operates in a radio band that is unlicensed. This is the 2.4 – 5 GHz radio band.
This technology facilitates transmission of data almost ten times quicker than Bluetooth and has a much wider range as well. The technology enables you to connect many computers to each other seamlessly and with appropriate security. You can also use it to connect them to other wired networks.

What would you need to put in place a good Wi-Fi network?

The essential elements are an access point that is typically in the form of a LAN receiver and is also referred to as the base station. You then have Wi-Fi cards that can easily accept as well as relay signals. These cards can be fixed internally or externally to a laptop or desktop respectively. Certain safety features like firewalls as well as anti-virus programs need to be installed so that hackers are not able to get into the system and cause damage.

What are the limitations or disadvantages of this system?

Firstly, you could experience some interference in the airwaves that could reduce the performance levels. Secondly, the power consumption is much higher and that could push up your maintenance or operating costs. The limited range could also be something that may not appeal to many users.

However, considering that any Wi-Fi enabled gadgets like the PC, cell phone, MP3 player and the PDA can be connected to the internet at hotspots, the convenience of this technology is making it very popular. There are many hotspots that are being created by establishments like malls, cafes, restaurants, airports and other such public places so that users can do their work on the internet and do not have to depend on a wired connection.

It therefore appears that Wi-Fi technology will only become more and more popular in the coming years.

How to get contacts on iPhone: part 1

iPhone Contact
iPhone Contact

There are a few ways off getting your contacts to your iPhone. The easiest way is through iTunes, which will automatically sync your contacts between the iPhone and your computer. Although you able to sync your iPhone’s contacts only with one computer at one time, but it does not necessarily be the exact same computer you’ve used to sync the media files. Syncing is bidirectional if there are any changes that are made to any contact on you iPhone will come up on your computer, or vise versa.

Syncing with MAC
On the Mac, iPhone will sync the contacts from an online Yahoo Address Book or OS X`s Address Book. When you initially connect to your Mac, then iTunes shall ask which one of the contacts you like to import, you are able to import all contacts in the OS X`s Address Book or specific selected groups, maybe you have created different contact groups at Address Book. By choosing Sync Yahoo Address Book Contacts option, Yahoo users will able to sync all their online contacts. You only have to provide your password and user name and iTunes will do the rest. If contacts are stored in some program instead off Address Book even a Web site that’s not Yahoo, you could still use them. The idea is to put your contacts into the Address book. If Microsoft Entourage is been used the process is pretty simple (you must have latest version of Entourage, part of Microsoft Office 11.3.5 or even later. Open Entourage`s preference then select Sync Service screens, now enable this option to Synchronize Contacts With Mac And Address Book within minutes, all your Entourage contacts shall migrate into Address Book. From this point forward, Address Book, and hence iPhone would automatically reveal all the changes that are made to the contacts In Entourage and vise versa. Regrettably, Groups and Entourage Categories are not synchronized; you are going to have them re-created within the Address Book. For other Web services and address-book programs you will need the vCard format to export all contacts, after saving these files onto a folder to your Mac, merely drag them to an open Address Book window and import your contacts. Unfortunately here you are unable to synchronize your contacts, which means after any changes you make you will have to change both, your Address Book and Web site or contacts program.

Synching with the PC
With Windows PC, iTunes allows you to sync from the Yahoo`s Address Book, the Window`s Address Book or Microsoft Outlook. The Window`s Address Book includes any of the contacts you have entered into Microsoft Outlook Express. The Windows Address Book can be reached also from the Accessories menu, but you will be using that contacts list through Outlook Express. Specific groups you pick out off the address book can sync with your iPhone, these groups then become accessible through the Group Screen, or through a Groups button which appears at the upper of All Contacts screen which is on the left.