Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S

Over the last few years, there have been few mobile phones that have been able to challenge the supremacy of Apple’s iPhone in terms of the high end mobile phone market. Last year however, a true heavyweight of the mobile phone world was released and did just that, defying all expectations and selling huge amounts to keep the phone’s manufacturer at the top of the pile in terms of mobile manufacturers. This phone is, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S; a phone packed with enough features and great new technology to keep users interested for a long, long time!

In terms of aesthetics, it does not look dissimilar to the iPhone, looking a bit like a cross between the 3GS and the iPhone 4. The phone is extremely thin, only millimetres thicker than the iPhone 4 itself which is still the slimmest phone on the market, but the fact that the Galaxy S has a curved back means that it actually feels less chunky than the iPhone. If there is one thing that lets the phone down in this way it is that it feels a little cheap compared to other premium smartphones.

Onto more important matters though and Samsung’s version of the Android OS looks absolutely great. The skin, called TouchWiz 3.0 is also very easy to navigate and allows users to play around with short cuts and other things on the display, making it a lot easier to get used to your own phone.

The massive capacitive touchscreen – which measures in at a whopping 4 inches – is absolutely great and very, very responsive, with only the iPhone 4 itself really comparing to it. Virtual keyboards can be a real pain on lesser phones but this is not a problem on the Galaxy S at all so you can type away to your heart’s content.

Android phones continue to rise in popularity and when there are remarkable Android handsets such as the Galaxy S around it is easy to see why it is set to overtake Symbian as the world’s most popular operating system.

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Apple iPhone 4

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

It seems a lot longer than three and a half years since the very first iPhone was released into the world. The Apple phone has been an unbelievable success all around the world, outselling almost every other smartphone on the market and with the remarkable release of the 3GS in summer 2009 it seemed that Apple had even excelled themselves. This turned out to be only the tip of the iceberg though as the company had something even more special up their sleeve. In June 2010 Apple announced and then released the iPhone 4, the company’s most successful phone yet.

The iPhone 4 had plenty of upgrades from the previous version of the phone and one of the most important changes, one that has give the phone’s users plenty of joy over the last half a year or so, is the Retina Display Technology that is utilised on the phone. The screen resolution on the iPhone 4 is absolutely remarkable and is still the best available on the smartphone market. It is so good in fact, that the human eye is unable to pick out a single pixel on the display. In real terms this means that, when watching videos, films or playing games the difference between the iPhone 4 and other smart phones with lesser technology is hugely noticeable.

Another of the new features on the fourth instalment of the iPhone that has attracted much attention over the last nine months has been the revolutionary Face Time feature. This feature uses the phone’s front facing camera in order to bring users real time video calling, something that mobile phones have been trying to achieve for years. The Face Time application is very much straddling the line of what mobile phones are able to achieve today it is only available when you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi but this is only a small criticism as it really is great to talk to your friends and see their smiling faces!

These two features just go to show that, although the iPhone 4 was released a number of months ago it still has aspects of it that are, as yet unmatched by the rest of the mobile phone market.

How to setup your network in iPhone

Setting up wifi on IPhone
iPhone and Wi-Fi

To take advantage of the many iPhone’s finest features which includes Web browsing, checking stock, downloading your e-mail messages and receiveing maps and directions, you will have to have access to Internet. With iPhone you get two choices of internet access- everwhere and painfully slow or very fast and spotty, or the way they listed on the specs page of Apple, Wi-Fi and EDGE. Edge is a standard data on cell phones across almost all AT&T’s network. Every iPhone service plan is offered by AT&T provides unlimited usage of EDGE. Unfortunately it can be very slow, averaging in rates few more times faster in comparison to dial-up modems but far slower. Wi-Fi, is totally opposite though been very fast, also the Wi-Fi networks are reasonably common- at work, at home and there are many Wi-Fi hotspots. Regrettably AT&T doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi hotspot network in the iPhone plan.

Setting up wi-fi

Happily, your iPhone switches effortlessly between Wi-Fi and EDGE, this way you always have a backup plan if one network is not available you have the other. However you will want to be connected to Wi-Fi network when it’s possible. Your Wi-Fi settings can be accessed from two different locations, from the Settings screen or the Wi-Fi menu, or the Network screen in General settings. At this section you are able to turn Wi-Fi off or on. When on a “CHOOSE A NETWORK” page will appear, by default iPhone shows a list of wireless networks in range. If a password is required it will show a lock alongside them. You are able to gauge if you have a Wi-Fi signal by looking for the radiating line. You can speedily join any unprotected network by easily tapping on the name, but continue with caution. During research a flaw was discovered in iPhone which allows malicious Wi-Fi hotspot this take control of the iPhone. Until Apple sorts this issue allows connect to encryption-protected networks, if you like to join locked network, even to view the settings for the listed networks, and then click the blue arrow right of a network name. On the resulting display you`ll find an option “FORGET THIS NETWORK” tap on the option if you like to delete a network on the screen.

Another entry on this list allows you to join any hidden network, when you tap on it you can add the name of network and also specify the type of security is used. After you done, just tap the back row button this is on the left top return to OTHER NETWORK screen, now you can type an appropriate password and join. Under the Wi-Fi Networks screen here you will see an ASK TO JOIN NETWORK option. When this switch is on your iPhone automatically will join other know networks, like the ones you joined previously, once you switch this  option off, then you will have choose a network manually that’s only if none known networks are available.