How to get contacts on iPhone: Part 2

Enter contacts manually

iPhone Contact
iPhone Contact

You can enter contacts from your iPhone. To access the contacts list, click on Phones button at the Home screen thereafter select contacts in the row keys below the screen. When you want to start with a new contact, click your plus sign on the right top screen, here a blank form shall appear, click on every section to enter the necessary contact information, this includes number, name, Web site and e-mail address. However you are not limited to its default list at the contacts fields. Click on the Add Field if you want to access the list of its additional options, such as nicknames, job titles birthdays and general Note field. There is much other cool stuff you able to do in your contacts. For mostly important callers, like your boss or spouse you are able to assign one of the 25 ringtones from Apple this way you’re able to identify the calls. You can personalize your contacts more by adding a photo to them; this photo will come up on the screen whenever the person is on line, during outgoing and incoming calls. If you want to add a photo to the contact click Edit on the top of contact`s info screen, after that click on Add photo. You able to add photo from iPhone`s albums, or a new photo that’s shot at that moment. If you decide on the second option, your iPhone switches to camera mode now you can shoot a photo. Any photo’s that are taken straight from Contacts screen will not appear in iPhone’s Camera Roll photo album. When you receive any call from anyone that’s not presently on your address book then quickly add them as a contact just tap the arrow next to their phone number in your recent list. Simply complete all additional contact information at your disposal. If you wish to delete any contact, click the Edit button on the top where the contact’s entry then scroll downwards to Delete Contact.

Stay Organized
Whenever a new contact is created on your iPhone, the contact gets added on your All Contact list. Nevertheless, if you have further divided all your contacts in different groups, such as one for friends, or one for coworkers then you can assign the new contact to which ever group that contact fits into. How you do this, click on Groups button to check the list of every group that’s synced with your iPhone. Choose the group from your list and then click on a plus-sign button this starts a new contact. When the contacts info is saved, the new contact will appear inside that group, also in All Contacts group. If for some reason you are unhappy with the way iPhone sorts out your contacts, you have an option to change it from Phone section on the Settings screen. You choose whether the contacts get sorted by first names or last names, also how they are displayed on screen. But unfortunately, you won’t be able to sort by company name.