Music lovers get free piano app for iPhone

iPhone Piano
iPhone Piano

It seems that music lovers/iPhone owners have a reason to celebrate this week, as they are now able to get their hands on a free version of app developer Smule’s Magic Piano…

Smule have an outstanding reputation for developing and providing some of the best musical-based apps for the iPhone, as well as iPad and iPod Touch; they have previously released such successful apps as Ocarina, I am T-Pain, Glee and Leaf Trombone.

Those who own an Apple iPad may already be familiar with the Magic Piano app, which has been an iPad-only app for some time. However, iPhone users are now able to get in on the action with a app that has been specifically designed for Apple’s smaller iOS devices.

The Magic Piano app features up to three different keyboards, each boasting their own unique playing style; there is a spiral keyboard, a circle of keys and, of course, a traditional keyboard for the piano purists out there.

Users of the Magic Piano app have a variety of musical features at their disposal to aid their creative process, including the ability to adjust the range of piano keys that are visible, a pinch and zoom feature, as well as the ability to scroll through the octaves of the piano.

Users can also gain valuable tuition on how to play some of their favourite pop hits, such as Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ by being instructed when to hit the virtual notes of the keyboard; in order to provide their customers with continued content, Smule also promise that they will release a new pop-song tutorial every single Wednesday. Magic Piano users will also be endowed with the ability to share their musical creations with other users via Smule Globe, which gives access to the compositions of strangers around the world.

iPhone users are very excited about the release of this latest app, and the fact it is available at cost serves only to sweeten the deal…

Free SIM Cards in UK

SIM Cards in UK
Free SIM Cards in UK

The free SIM cards are the best deals which can be easily used with any type of unlocked mobile phones. The free SIM cards are covered with many benefits and the user can get these cards by signing a form on a particular website to request for SIM cards for free. This will not require any payment. The next step after buying a mobile phone will be buying a SIM card which is the lifeline of mobile phones. The users can choose the SIM from the company they want it and now with the advent of latest technology some types of mobile phones are also offering the functionality of dual SIM. The mobile phone market is now pouring with many mobile phone retailers who are providing free SIM cards.

Many network companies are providing the free SIM cards which comprises lucrative plans and also offers more bonus minutes and free internet usage. The users can flexibly select the plan that they want it and also suits their lifestyle. The SIM for free will be the perfect choice for those who have unlocked mobile phones, this is because they can insert the SIM and remove it anytime they want it. There are many online portals and websites providing information about free SIM cards and also you can get the list of different companies that are offering free SIM cards.

There are many companies offering free SIM cards in the UK like Three, Vodafone, T Mobile, Tesco Mobile Free SIM, Free Orange SIM cards, Virgin Mobile, O2 and much more.  The free SIM cards in UK for international students will benefit them to get SIM cards which offer low rates for making both national and international calls. This will also help to avoid any roaming charges and will also help to reduce about 80% of charges. The only thing to ensure in this case is that the mobile has GSM and can operate on 1800 MHz frequency. The Mobile World SIM card is the best and cheapest SIM card in the UK. The free SIM cards will help to get many best offers like saving 80% on international roaming cost, receive the incoming calls absolutely for free, call Canada, USA for just 5p/min and much more. This will help you to have an absolute control over the costs to make calls and will be the best choice of selecting SIM card for the unlocked mobile phones.

Choosing the right RAM amount for your netbook


Like all computers, netbooks have internal RAM (random access memory).  Over the years, as RAM prices have declined steadily, however operating systems and programs have gotten more bloated (they have higher RAM requirements to support those glittery, new features), desktops and laptops are now have gigabytes of RAM. Even so, it’s a bit weird to see a low-end computer stuffed with 4 GB of RAM, because usually, it hardly uses more than 2GB.  When you are considering about netbooks, you may be surprised that a few models only have 512 KB of RAM. You may ask, “Won’t the netbook run as slow as thick molasses in the end of December?”

Actually, no, both Linux and Windows XP can easily run on 512 Kb of RAM and still have satisfactory performance – if you don’t have many files or programs open at once or run a memory-intensive program, like editing a 50 MB image in Photoshop CS3.  That said, 1 GB of memory will give you better performance and you don’t have to worry so much about curbing the multitasking.  Netbook makers offer 512 KB of RAM in cheaper netbooks and 1 or 2 GB in standard models.  Most netbooks can only support 2 GB of RAM. It is not caused by technology limitation, Microsoft’s licensing agreement stipulates that makers can’t sell netbooks that run Windows XP, with more than 2 GB of RAM.

Choose netbook with at least 1 GB of RAM, or if you are stuck with 512 KB, make sure it is possible to upgrade the memory some time in the future. Also make sure your RAM is the DDR2-800 type to get better performance.