Apple’s New Operating System Unveiled

The iPhone is about to get a new operating system which is called the iOS5 which was unveiled at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, but here we take a quick look at what’s on offer. The major question that needs to be answered is whether iOS5 is merely an exercise to recover ground that has been lost to Google’s Android operating system, or whether it will bring something new to the increasingly smartphone OS scene.

Currently Android can do a number of things which the old Apple OS is incapable of doing. The Android Honeycomb has advanced widget support and widgets that can be accessed from the home screen, but currently Apple’s widgets are static.  This is to be addressed in iOS5 and the new OS will provide integration of email, messaging, phone and social networking.

Apple will release their iCloud service in the very near future and the iOS5 will have all the necessary functionality to access it. iCloud will allow users to create a mirror of their total iTunes library in the cloud and the cloud will automatically replace poor quality tracks with high quality files, as well as providing effectively infinite storage space. Furthermore, the library will be available any time on any gadget.

We also anticipate integration with the new Twitter Pictures service. There will be a direct “Twitter send” feature allowing users to instantly upload their newly shot images.

Speech recognition will be considerably enhanced and will be at least as good as the latest Android offering. Many more features will be voice controlled.  Also, wireless synchronization will allow users to bypass the somewhat tedious current route of connecting their phone to a computer via a USB cable.

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Netbook buying guide


After you did all of your researches, and now have a few netbook models on your shopping list. You are almost there, and you need to close it with good buying tricks.

  • Go with a bigger netbook manufacturer such as business broadband. Unless you are technically savvy, it is reasonable to go with a mini-laptop made by one of the major manufacturers. Although a few lesser-known brands may work adequately, it’s usually less risky to go with a familiar name brand. That is because you will likely get better supports and larger manufacturer tend to have greater user community in the internet. In many cases, you’ll find online forums offer better and faster helps than what you’ll get from the customer supports.
  • Check out feedbacks and reviews – online retailer web sites such as NewEgg and Amazon are good sources for user reviews. Get as many testimonials as you can. Generally, an important tenet of statistics is that the bigger the sample size, the more accurate the data will be.
  • Compare prices. Prices vary widely, especially online. Every cent saved these days counts, and you may easily save an extra 20 bucks with a smart buying technique, depending on where you buy the netbook. Amazon,, and Newegg all stock netbooks, as do most smaller online laptop retailers – Google is your best buddy in finding them. If you are low on cash but still need a mobile computing, consider early netbook models. With sellers getting rid of older and discontinued models, you may find some great price cuts on various online deals – and don’t forget about using eBay. Many times, you can get brand-new early model netbooks for about $150 or less.
  • Shop at local stores. If possible find a local store that sells netbooks and see it in person. (In the US, Target, Costco, Best Buy, and even Toys“R”Us sell some netbook models).

Some manufacturers have discounted prices on used netbooks. Those netbooks are usually in good condition. They have been brought back to the manufacturer for some reasons and have been repaired and tested thoroughly. Most come with complete warranties. Check the netbook manufacturer’s internet site to see whether you can easily score any deals. Try to see latest offers on refurbished netbooks.

The console cable that make different

Xbox 360 & PS3 HDMI Cable
Xbox 360 & PS3 HDMI Cable

If you really want to enjoy playing games in high definition on your Xbox 360 or PS3 console by attaching to TV, then no doubt you require an HDMI connection. The HDMI cables absolutely make the difference in your game console when compared to other option cables by offering high definition video up to the resolution of 080p. In just one cable you can get both the video and audio of high definition.  This therefore reduces the need for a separate audio cable for your game console. If you wish to get exceptional sound and the best picture quality from the gaming console, then HDMI will be the best option. Some of the latest technology of hdmi cable that is available for your console are; xbox 360 hdmi cable which is available in different types, sizes and arranges, you can also get ps3 hdmi cables different types, sizes and arranges s well.

In the gaming world the HDMI is being used by two different consoles, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. PS3 can support 1080p HD absolutely which are called ps3 hdmi cable. The main reason for this is that, PS3 includes built in blu ray that allows watching 1080p video. This therefore makes the need for HDMI cables that can support 1080p resolution. Whereas the component cables cannot support this picture resolution because, this game console will generate the images only in digital format. Using high speed HDMI cables are suggested for the game console because the standard cables will not support 1080p.

The need for HDMI cables for Xbox 360 is same as PS3, when considering analog conversion. In order to get an extra boost in the quality of image, then HDMI cables are the best option. But Xbox 360 can support only up to HD 720p and this cables are called xbox 360 hdmi cable. Using a standard speed cable for high performance is suggested for this game console. The HDMI cables have now available in various versions like Version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 with the most latest technology in it. Choosing the right HDMI will make you enjoy the real gaming experience with the consoles.