Top 5 free iPhone App for this year

iPhone App
iPhone App

Today lot of iPhone applications are released into the market and it has created some sort of confusion in the people mind regarding what to choose and what not to choose for their iPhone. If you want to lead a comfortable and joyful life this year then below mentioned apps are must for your iPhone.

Lose it: If you have an iPhone and looking to reduce the body weight then the best friendly app for you is lose it. This app is built up with high artificial intelligence such that it will guide the user what to do in the next step. This app will track your entire food intake and measure the total calories collected in your body. By this it will suggest some exercises and activities to burn those excess calories so that you will be healthy and comfortable. When you are a lazy person, then this is the best friend for you as it is a good motivator. When you involve yourself in some exercise then it will provide you some prizes and badges so that it will motivate you to do more exercises and collect more badges. So if you want to be healthy this year then just install lose it in your iPhone.

Flipboard: This app is one of the best apps in iPad and now you can see this for iPhone version too. When this app was released for iPhone version, it had a greater demand in such a way that the server crashed as there was a 1 million downloads in the first week. Flipboard is also called as digital magazine as it will collect all your personal data from twitter and face book and create a magazine in a stylized manner. This makes you to view the content very easily and it is the best app for content viewing.

Mint: If you want to save some bucks this year, then the best finance guide for you is mind. This app once installed on your iPhone will collect all your personal information like, credit card number and account number so that it makes it easy for tracking the amount flow. It will also remind you regarding the bills payable and thus helps you completely to track the money flow.

Evernote: If you are a kind of person who will forget all the things then it is better to have evernote on your iPhone. With this application, you can create remainders in the form of text, photo or audio and store it in your phone. You can also sync them to other devices so that you will be reminded in time.

Lookout Mobile security: Lookout Mobile security was applicable only for android and blackberry devices but now an iOS version has been released which will allow the iphone users also to safeguard their devices. This app will help you to find out your device if it is lost, warns you when devices encounters any unsecured wi-fi network, completely backup the contacts and also provides you updates on any newer versions of the OS available for your device.

Top 5 free Android App for 2012

Free Android Apps
Free Android Apps

Today Android phones are used by most of the people and as a result many Android applications are released to get a hold in the market. Many people finds it difficult to choose the apps for themselves and thus to help such users, here is a description of the best 5 Android applications which can be availed freely in 2012.

Google sky map: If you love to be adventurous and want to know what is happening in the sky then it is good to download the Google sky map on to your phone. This app will make use of the orientation of the phone and provides you the detailed view of the stars and plants in the sky. Face your phone towards the sky and get to know what constellations are visible in the sky. You can also use this app inside the house if you are very sensitive to cold during night time.

Layar: Today most of the people will be busy in their work schedules and they will not have enough time for finding out the exact price of the favorite book, travels needs, house price etc… Layar has gone commercial by providing the user to purchase their things online. Here you will get the exact price of the product and also the exact description of the product. This app has become very famous today as it presents the complete shopping market where ever you are.

ASTRO File manager: If you are person who loves to keep huge amount of data on your phone, then you need to install ASTRO File manager on to your phone. This app will allow the user to organize and maintain all the files in the phone. The files may be images, videos, audio, documents and any other files. Once you install this application to your phone, you will as if you are using a windows explorer in computer. You can any file by browsing easily with comfort. This app will also allow the user to backup the files so that you can get them back when you loose the phone or change the phone.

Evernote: If you are a person who will be involved in busy work which makes you to forget some important dates and meeting then first you need to install Evernote on your Android phone. With this application you can create text, voice and image notes and make it to remain you on the exact time. You can also sink these notes to different devices you are going to use in your daily activities.

Google Goggles: This app when installed on your Android phone it provides you all the required information. This app will work on image recognition technology and all you need is just to take snap of the thing for which you want more detailed information about it. You can also scan QR and Bar code of the product to get the information about it.  One you scan QR and Bar code or just take a snap of the product, the app will Google by itself and presents you the detailed information about it within a few span of time.

Entering the Digital Age with Protouch Products

Xen X4 wall
Xen X4 wall

During the past 100 years society has advanced technologically more than it has during the past several thousand years. In this short time span of technological advancement the face of many industries have been changed by a continual progression of what started as the Industrial Revolution. As computers and machines continue to become more capable of completing tasks which their human counterparts have previously been responsible for, companies are realising the benefits of extending their business outreach, improving customer service, enhancing security, and increasing sales rates using digital technology.

Protouch UK is one of the most prominent providers of digital business products in the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of products, including Touch screen Rentals, monitors, touch PCs, and digital signage. By helping companies reduce their bottom line and increase overall efficiency Protouch has been able to build a massive portfolio of successful clients during the last couple years. With more than a decade of experience they have become the leading manufacturer and distributor of touchscreens and kiosks in all of Europe. In addition to providing predesigned models, they also facilitate the customization process, giving you the ability to design a personalized kiosk that can accommodate the needs and preferences of your customers and employees. Taking advantage of the Internet, computers, and other technological advancements is absolutely imperative if you’re trying to remain competitive in any industry. This is particularly true if you are currently dependent on a large number of employees, as utilizing technology can minimize this dependency while also helping you boost productivity.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be technologically inclined in order to begin benefiting from digital products with your business. Instead, you can simply participate in a free consultation with a Protouch professional to determine which product would be most suitable for your application and business structure. There are a number of different kiosks available from Protouch’s website.