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It’s no wonder that Casino games are by far the most addictive and interesting games that have lured so many people right from long past. Some people play for fun while some play professionally for real money. Having said this, it is also important to highlight the fact that online casinos are gaining wide spread attention these days. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, more people are now into the casino world. Reading further you will get to know more about these mobile casino apps and also the new Tomb Rider slots app. The article will also give a brief insight on what are mobile casino apps and how can they be installed on your smart phones.

Mobile casino apps are available for different platforms like apple IOS, Android and even for Windows OS. For android users, you can get the app from the Google play store by searching for mobile casino apps or mobile casino games. Most of these apps come with interesting games as well. There are different vendors in the market who had developed their own app and some are paid apps as well. The apps are compatible to almost all versions of Android from Ginger bread (2.3). Once installed these mobile casino app act as a real casino where you can enjoy the fun of gambling. Some of these apps also support interactive chat where in you can chat with other online users who are using this app. You can also play using your real money for which you need to subscribe using your credit card. These apps also do not disappoint those who wish to just try out their luck in gambling for fun.

Tomb Rider Slot App

Speaking about mobile casino apps, it is worthy to mention about Tomb Rider Slot App for android. Developed by the mobile gaming giant, Spin3, this tomb rider app will soon be running in all native android systems. It’s going to be a visual treat to all those Laura Croft fans as the game has modeled the character very close to real life. The sound effects and other graphics are also impressive and pro gamers are given a great review for the same. The app is specifically designed for mobile experience and thus can fit well in small screen also.

The app also comes in with different themes and wallpapers. You can get the app from Android market and can install it on both android mobiles and tablets. The space and memory constraints for the app are very minimal and thus can be installed even in low end smart phones. Like mentioned before the app has different games to attract both professional casino players and also fun loving geeks. You can buy real cash from the app using your credit card or debit card if you wish to play with real money.