Apple owns a video guide now

Apple Video Guide
Apple Video Guide

The most popular tech giant apple now owns a video guide called matcha. Matcha is being referred to as an app based video guide which provides a personal recommendations for TV shows and also guides you regarding various movie services. This recent purchase deal from apple was not entirely disclosed and the terms were also hidden by the firm. This amazing report was brought out by venture beat on Tuesday which also said that apple signed the startup deal for about 1 to 1.5 million dollars. However apple is claiming the deal to be a good one.

This particular startup app called matcha was initially launched on an apple iphone app which was later followed by an ipad version also. Things were going good until this may when the company declared the discontinuation of this service and also assured of deleting all personal records. This particular app helps you easily keep a track of your movie interests and TV shows through digital video services such as Netflix, Comcast’s xfinity TV, hulu, apple’s iTunes and also The company came back from its last fall and has described matcha as a guide which aggregates more than 200,000 premium titles and keeps adding rich social elements which in turn provides a personalized video experience for the audiences across the world.

It also adds a proprietary recommendation engine which further sharpens the video experience. Many even end up saying that the reason for apple to buy this startup is to make your TV experience more awesome. This app will amazingly allow you surf through all you to surf through a list of digital sites without the need of switching inputs or apps. Sources also disclosed that this will further help the viewers to figure out what to watch.

A few experts also responded to this deal and stated that this could bring about a fusion of TV and the internet in the near future which will allow users to seamlessly surf anything through their television. By this apple has also shown signs of coming out with a TV product. If this happens then TV experience is surly going to be a lot more fun. Through the matcha video app people can continuously access or download videos or television episodes as per their preferences. All we can say that apple is doing extremely well to boost its TV recommendation services.

Many people thought that the service was gone after its discontinuation in May, but it returned with more developed features. Matcha was developed in 2010 by person named Guy Piekarz and operates from Mountain View, calif. Unisfair which provides virtual events and interactive environments for various businesses was also a cofounding of Piekarz. However Intercall a conferencing services provider acquired it in 2011.

From all these amazing news we can conclude that matcha is turning out to be a good product for apple and is still growing in popularity. It can often be seen among the top applications in the apple’s app store and it rightfully deserves this recognition.