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Unique features of Android and Its Applications

Android and Its Applications

Now with the advance in technology even the smallest most used gadgets like mobile phones are being updated with the latest software and are also being upgraded. With the invention of Android software, the world of communication and the world of application have been developing for a very long time now. Unique features of Android and its application can be found online easily. Many people now go for those application and those phones that have the Android software in them so that with the help of this they can make communication fun and a lot better.

When it comes to unique features of Android, people have been found to enjoy a lot. When it is about speed and connectivity, easy communication and easy navigation, one can find all of these in Android phones. Android phones have become really successful now and this software has become the most wanted software online. With the increasing competition, there has been a lot going on in the market of software and applications. With millions of applications being introduced in the market and online, android phones make sure they carry all the top free apps in one application where people can easily download them quickly.

Android applications that are famous come without a price. This is because this is the only way many people would shift to android and with this; people need to be persuaded further by making their favorite applications available. These applications have beaten many other applications that can be found online for various phones and software. Due to the introduction of many applications now, Android has been working hard to make sure that the applications that can provide people with many different ways of keeping themselves entertained. Many times people have been seen to demand for apps that are religious as well.

The main feature of android is that is has developed so much that it can now provide people all around the world with various entertaining apps. Many people who search for android phones would be able to enjoy the speed like no other software. Since android phones have millions of new apps and many apps that are most wanted and this software can support many applications that other software cannot support, so this software is now being demanded by people all around. With the applications now becoming more and more famous, it has now become a challenge for other mobile companies in the market to update their software as well.

There are many competitors in the market for the Android software and the applications that can be downloaded straight on the mobiles. With so much on mind to do and with so much to notice around, the companies that are able to attract people towards their market for android and applications are the one that always remain successful. Applications that have been demanded by many people are now being offered by android, the fast, speedy and easy navigation software that can make you life much easier and can make a Smartphone give the value for money.

Top 5 free Android App for 2012

Free Android Apps
Free Android Apps

Today Android phones are used by most of the people and as a result many Android applications are released to get a hold in the market. Many people finds it difficult to choose the apps for themselves and thus to help such users, here is a description of the best 5 Android applications which can be availed freely in 2012.

Google sky map: If you love to be adventurous and want to know what is happening in the sky then it is good to download the Google sky map on to your phone. This app will make use of the orientation of the phone and provides you the detailed view of the stars and plants in the sky. Face your phone towards the sky and get to know what constellations are visible in the sky. You can also use this app inside the house if you are very sensitive to cold during night time.

Layar: Today most of the people will be busy in their work schedules and they will not have enough time for finding out the exact price of the favorite book, travels needs, house price etc… Layar has gone commercial by providing the user to purchase their things online. Here you will get the exact price of the product and also the exact description of the product. This app has become very famous today as it presents the complete shopping market where ever you are.

ASTRO File manager: If you are person who loves to keep huge amount of data on your phone, then you need to install ASTRO File manager on to your phone. This app will allow the user to organize and maintain all the files in the phone. The files may be images, videos, audio, documents and any other files. Once you install this application to your phone, you will as if you are using a windows explorer in computer. You can any file by browsing easily with comfort. This app will also allow the user to backup the files so that you can get them back when you loose the phone or change the phone.

Evernote: If you are a person who will be involved in busy work which makes you to forget some important dates and meeting then first you need to install Evernote on your Android phone. With this application you can create text, voice and image notes and make it to remain you on the exact time. You can also sink these notes to different devices you are going to use in your daily activities.

Google Goggles: This app when installed on your Android phone it provides you all the required information. This app will work on image recognition technology and all you need is just to take snap of the thing for which you want more detailed information about it. You can also scan QR and Bar code of the product to get the information about it.  One you scan QR and Bar code or just take a snap of the product, the app will Google by itself and presents you the detailed information about it within a few span of time.

Google Android Vs Apple iPhone

Android and iPhone
Google Android and Apple iPhone

The Google Android and Apple iPhone are the two dominating devices in the mobile market. Both the Google Android and the Apple iPhone are trying to prove in their usability and functionality. Though many G1’s features have got the direct responses to the shortcoming of the iPhone, there are many departments still in which they remain dominant.

When comparing the Google Android and Apple iPhone, the virtual keyboard on iPhone and the keys of the touch screen has got its limitations. The physical keyboards like on Treos, Blackberry’s are very easy to use. The sealed battery of iPhone causes metaphoric problem when compared to the functional one. With the un-modifiable feature of the Apple iPhone, the Google Android is said to have direct responses. The Google Android not only has GPS but also a compass that is integrated. This integrated compass can help in determining the way that the user is facing and also it gives the Google maps and images of building around. When considering the integration of offline with the Google apps, it is possible for the Google applications of mobile versions on the iPhone but of course with some exceptions like Google Maps application. This needs to be done through the website.

The calendar of Android phones is of offline version of the online application of Google calendar. This can be accessed by simply entering the date in the phone and it will then automatically show the online calendar. The Android will also replicate online programs that are used offline when the user wants to set iPhone to sync with the Google calendar. This can be accessed in those areas where there is no service.

To further compare Google Android and Apple iPhone, though the Apple iPhone can do many things, it cannot do it all at once except the iPod program for playing music which runs in background while doing other things on the phone. Whereas the Google Android will enable to swipe between the programs easily but at the same time it is essential to note about the effects it has on the performance and memory of the phone. The threat of the multitasking in mobiles is mainly with the Windows mobile, where lot of applications can be loaded up simultaneously. Moreover the Google Android will also allow to copy and paste the text and it finally motivates bringing this feature to Apple iPhone.

Power of Google Android Phones

Android Mobile Phones
Android Mobile Phones

The Android mobile phones have come out with much latest mobile technology. The capabilities and features of these mobile phones are very superior when compared to normal mobile phones in the market. Those who are using this android phone will never think about going back to conventional phones which has got many disadvantages. Any type of application for mobile that is downloaded from Android market will be compatible with the android phones. This implies that a lot can be customized on these mobile phones.

The Android mobile phones generally come with the power which is never ever imagined to be on the mobile phones. It is possible to get the power of the laptops with the android phones. This efficiency and power helps in easy multitasking. The mobile applications can be easily run and the android phones will never hang. These Android phones can also run every website that are easily run on computers. This feature will enable the users to enjoy visiting their favorite websites, email, enjoy the social networks and also get the inquiries on the search engines. This feature is possible with the HTML5 compatibility in the phone. Moreover the Android mobile phones can also broadband internet especially on the 3G networks. This is almost like having your PC in your pocket.

The Samsung Gem Android phones are the newly introduced phones which are powered to the 2.2 froyo Operating System of Android. This latest model of android phones includes Wi-Fi, 3.2 MP primary cameras, 624 MHz processors, MicroSD slot, Bluetooth and much more. This new model android phone features TFT touch screen which has 240 x 400 pixels resolutions and it also supports many internet features like EDGE, GPRS, and 3G Rev.A.

Some of the top features of the Android mobile phones includes virtual keyboard, customizable home screen with widgets, in order to view the data quickly it feature live folders, it includes video sharing and video recording, fast and standards compliant browser, uploading of picasa image, voice search feature, hands free calls, stereo Bluetooth and much more. This Android phone will also automatically check and also repair file system that is on SD card. It allows the third party application for indicating what type of hardware is being featured and also required for functioning properly. The requirements are checked by Android when the application is being downloaded from Android market.