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HTC ChaCha

HTC ChaCha
For Facebook users on the lookout for an exciting new mobile phone, the HTC ChaCha is certainly a worthy contender. Endorsed by social media king Mark Zuckenberg himself, it has a dedicated button below the keypad to launch the client. Powered by the latest Android OS version, Gingerbread 2.3.3, it will surely appeal to teens and early twenty-somethings who value messaging and interaction above all other features.

It’s not the lightest mobile phone at 124g, but has a smart-looking body of brushed metal and plastic. The touchscreen is a rather small 2.6”, with a 480×320 resolution, and an 800MHz processor to power it. Hardly top of the range, but good enough for most applications and uses. Its QWERTY keyboard with rubberised keys will make texting a breeze, and there are two cameras – a 5MP one on the back with an LED flash and a VGA camera on the front for self-portraits.

The sharing of social media is pushed to the fore on the HTC ChaCha. If you see some text on a webpage for example, you can share it immediately with every possible application and method you can think of. A ticker of Facebook status updates is present on the homepage, thanks to a widget, and you are encouraged to log in to the client on phone start-up . The intuitive phonebook process also allows an ability to automatically link Twitter, Facebook and Google contacts together. You can also set the phone up out of the box with Exchange, Gmail, Flickr, news feeds and Twitter.

The integration of Facebook is the big draw for the HTC ChaCha and it works very well. While some of the phone’s features are a little outdated such as the video recording in .3gp format, the lack of Flash support on web browsing, and the screen being a little on the small side, the user interface is well thought out and should encourage innumerable postings and pictures shared from this humble device!

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