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Apple owns a video guide now

Apple Video Guide
Apple Video Guide

The most popular tech giant apple now owns a video guide called matcha. Matcha is being referred to as an app based video guide which provides a personal recommendations for TV shows and also guides you regarding various movie services. This recent purchase deal from apple was not entirely disclosed and the terms were also hidden by the firm. This amazing report was brought out by venture beat on Tuesday which also said that apple signed the startup deal for about 1 to 1.5 million dollars. However apple is claiming the deal to be a good one.

This particular startup app called matcha was initially launched on an apple iphone app which was later followed by an ipad version also. Things were going good until this may when the company declared the discontinuation of this service and also assured of deleting all personal records. This particular app helps you easily keep a track of your movie interests and TV shows through digital video services such as Netflix, Comcast’s xfinity TV, hulu, apple’s iTunes and also The company came back from its last fall and has described matcha as a guide which aggregates more than 200,000 premium titles and keeps adding rich social elements which in turn provides a personalized video experience for the audiences across the world.

It also adds a proprietary recommendation engine which further sharpens the video experience. Many even end up saying that the reason for apple to buy this startup is to make your TV experience more awesome. This app will amazingly allow you surf through all you to surf through a list of digital sites without the need of switching inputs or apps. Sources also disclosed that this will further help the viewers to figure out what to watch.

A few experts also responded to this deal and stated that this could bring about a fusion of TV and the internet in the near future which will allow users to seamlessly surf anything through their television. By this apple has also shown signs of coming out with a TV product. If this happens then TV experience is surly going to be a lot more fun. Through the matcha video app people can continuously access or download videos or television episodes as per their preferences. All we can say that apple is doing extremely well to boost its TV recommendation services.

Many people thought that the service was gone after its discontinuation in May, but it returned with more developed features. Matcha was developed in 2010 by person named Guy Piekarz and operates from Mountain View, calif. Unisfair which provides virtual events and interactive environments for various businesses was also a cofounding of Piekarz. However Intercall a conferencing services provider acquired it in 2011.

From all these amazing news we can conclude that matcha is turning out to be a good product for apple and is still growing in popularity. It can often be seen among the top applications in the apple’s app store and it rightfully deserves this recognition.


iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Everyone is raving around it, but what’s so special mesmerizing about Apple’s new Smartphone, and what does 4G even mean? There’s been plenty of hoopla closes the new iPhone and rumors of all varieties of new options.

But currently that the phone has been formally released, the fog has cleared and that we will tell you precisely what Apple’s latest mobile providing must boast concerning. Most of the rumors concerning the iPhone were astonishingly confirmed. The iPhone 5 includes a 4-inch (1136 x 640) show embedded in a metal and glass shell. The new iPhone will provide LTE, a way quicker various to the 3G transmission technology found within the iPhone 4S.

From what I do know the Apple iPhone isn’t simply a wise phone Apple additionally beefed up the front facing camera, thus it grasp records 720p HD. But the rear facing camera didn’t see an upgrade solely that it is aware of low light-weight things. Though apple area unit claiming that the camera being diluents it’ll be forty % quicker, it doesn’t build distinction extremely, at the top of the day its identical with the 4s.

The first distinction is the screen which many of us can notice is presently as they see the iPhone 5 has, is that the larger screen. For the primary time since the first iPhone was released in 2007, the screen can increase from a size of 3.5 inch to 4 inch. The larger screen enables a fifth row of icons on the house screen, also as a real 16:9 widescreen format, in addition to another tweaks that enables Apple to mention the iPhone 5 can have the most effective trying picture playback versus the other iPhone. The new iPhone is has eighteen diluents and two hundredth lighter than the previous model, and currently options a additional sturdy metal back as were the glass backs on the 4 and 4S models.

On the performance facet, the iPhone five are going to be ready to cash in of 4G LTE networks from the foremost cellular phone carriers, permitting quicker knowledge association speeds versus 3G networks. An oversized improvement in overall process power was additionally given to the new model with the new A6 chip that Apple as running a pair of times quicker than its previous process chip however is twenty second smaller in size and additional energy economical.  Now there is a provision for USB outlet for external storage or external data. Built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth all adds up the show for a best iPhone.

One modification that’s drawing some criticism is Apple’s call to alter the 30-pin charging/syncing instrumentation that we’ve all been acquainted with, to a way smaller eight pin instrumentation that’s known as a lightning instrumentation. Nobody appears to own a problem with the idea of the amendment, however complaints area unit chiefly owing to individuals finance in charging accessories like alarm clocks, automobile chargers, etc. which will not be compatible with the iPhone 5, unless an adapter is purchased. On the rear camera, there’s identical variety of megapixels because the iPhone 4S — 8MP — however it currently comes with panorama mode, quicker exposure capture, sapphire crystal lens, a five-element lens, f/2.4 aperture, abstraction noise reduction, backside illumination, hybrid IR filter,  and a dynamic low-light mode. Notably, the new phone can allow concurrent image and video capture, a bit like several golem devices do. Definitely has a whole new world in nutshell.

Mobile poker app for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones now out.

Mobile Poker App
Mobile Poker App

The much awaited app has come out finally. Yes, the android and iPhone app for the most popular poker game, 888poker has come out to the market. As an additional bonus the app is also available on the latest Apple iPad and also iPad mini. 888poker popularly known as the Pacific poker has been one of the top notch poker games that most poker enthusiast have always rated high. The poker room had attracted thousands of people who play with real money and now they have silently made an entry to the apps market as well. The app comes with some excellent graphics and colours and has the potential to lure more users to it for sure.

How to play with real money on 888 mobile poker App

The 888 mobile poker app is the exact replica of the real poker room with no compromises on the rules or the prize money won. Once you are aware of the normal poker rules you can start to play with the real cash by following the below steps on your Apple, Android and other smartphone;

  • The first step that you need to do to play a real money game with this app is to create an account with 888poker.  The 888 mobile poker website will take your through some straightforward forms that you need to fill to complete the registration.
  • Once you have created an account on the site, the next thing is download the app from the main website. For android users you shall find an APK file downloaded. After the download is complete you need to activate the non-market-apps installation on your smart phone or your tablet. This step enables you to use the APK file and install the app on your device. For iPhone users there is a separate link that helps you install it on your iPhone as the format is customized for iPhone as well.
  • Once the installation is done you are all set to play the 888poker without being in front of your system. You can now play the game even when you are travelling in a bus.

Since the app has just been into the market it supports only ring games. SnG and the real tournaments that are supported in the poker room are not yet supported in the app. But experts feel these would be coming as patches or add-ons to the app. It also has a mechanism where in the users can submit their feedback about the app.

Considering the popularity of 888poker smart phone experts feel that this app could turn out to be big hit. More and more people are expected to use this app as it is compatible with both android and Apple iOS. With minor glitches in the initial version, the developers have promised to come up with bug fixes and more advanced features. In a nutshell, the 888 mobile poker app is a real treat for all poker fans on there smart phones.


iPhone Maps App
iPhone Maps App

In this age of growing science and technology it is cruel to think a living without mobiles which refuse to provide navigation. Yes here we are going to discuss maps and their importance. One such now can be stated as the standard tech map is Google map which not only provides the accurate satellite based routes but is also widely accepted. Deprivation of one such accustomed habit may be disastrous and may lead to many consequences. Such a thing is recently done by iphone 5 to check whether Google maps are a boon or bane.

Let’s talk a little brief about iphone 5. iPhone 5 is the latest device among iPhone series of mobiles released by Apple. This mobile is stated as the best mobile in the world beating all its competitors mobile. But still, this mobile is also having some problem as like with any other devices. The common problem exists and has their best suitable solutions. The Google Maps app for the iPhone did not exist for only three months, but its return is a boon for iPhone users who will again be able to use it easily on their devices.

Apple had dropped the built-in Google Maps app from iOS 6 when the new iOS 6 was launched in September and the move turned out to be a huge embarrassment for Apple when the replacement Apple Maps app left legions of users disappointed with the new app’s performance and accuracy. When Apple removed Google as the map provider for its iOS devices with the iPhone 5, it had a little problematic situation. Apple Maps was a tough task to deal with when compared to usage of Google’s application.  Google Maps covers every route and has uses beyond finding directions; while Apple’s map app was not comfortable to use, it forced Apple to fire the guy who was performing the project.  Now, Apple is coming back to Google Maps by allowing Google’s app back onto the iPhone. This shows the downfall and non-acceptance of apple maps widely by the people.

We can see that Apple maps in iPhone 5 are the default application. The iO6 has upgraded with Apple Maps only. But the users want a comeback for Google maps as it is more compatible and easy to use.  Google’s presence is an acknowledgement that people want Google Maps, or at least the option to have them.  Google maps are definitely a boon as they support all the operating system and usability with street maps and navigation supports new drivers. Apple having lot of efforts gave Google maps application in Apple App store for downloading and using it.

It’s definitely clear with all these controversies and enigmatic trouble in accepting the unaccustomed change that Google maps are always there to stay and definitely may require something over the top notch to defeat its level in terms of clarity accuracy and comfort ability. With many attempts being made by many smart phone companies its definitely not the time for people to forget about the evergreen Google maps and easily accept the change. A boon or bane may differ from people to people. Google still has its place up in the standard map navigation till date.

Selecting an iPhone 5 downloads site

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Once you buy your iPhone 5, it is essential that you keep your device up to date with the latest iPhone contents like movies, music among other iPhone downloads. With so many sites offering iPhone downloads services, choosing the best site is always tricky among many people. The main issue is that whereas some of them offer genuine services, there are also a good number of them that you should beware about as they provide fake services. It is essential that you get your iPhone downloads from quality, credible and genuine download websites. Below is a guide that will help you in making an informed decision on which download site to search for and which one to avoid.

The first thing that will help you in ascertaining whether a site offering iPhone 5 downloads is fake or genuine is service fees charged on the downloads. Whereas you will have to pay for the download services in almost all of these sites, what you pay must be reasonable as some of the providers will try to con you of your hard earned money. There are selected sites that will offer unlimited downloads for your device at nominal fees. Essentially, iPhone owners will have about two options when it comes to service fees. This includes paying small charges for every download you make and the other option is to pay agreed monthly charges for unlimited downloads. Paying service fees per download is actually costly compared to the second option as the monthly billing option will actually be relatively lower in the long run.

Files collection is also another aspect when selecting an iPhone 5 download site. This entails the varieties of downloads that the website is offering you and it is important that you get as many downloads as possible. To spot sites with numerous download varieties, you can check reviews of some of the best sites on the internet. You should get all downloads staring with movies, TV shows, videos to even music at one site without having to hop from one site to one another. Besides, the site must also provide you with quality download at amazingly fast speed. This helps you to take full advantage of the database provided at the site and access anything you want at ease.

Also, customer support should never be overlooked as you might find that you are unable to use some of the contents you have downloaded into your iPhone 5. Customer care will help you get solutions to such problems and enjoy each and every download that you install in the device. in short, opt for a site that offers 24 hours customer support as this will be a helpful back up just incase you face some roadblocks along the way. Also, a good site must have all the essential software that will help in converting downloads and make them compatible with your iPhone. Lastly, consider the health of contents available as they must be free of any kind of spyware, viruses and Trojans that might harm your iPhone.