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Search and Discover Part 2 – Haggling

Mobile Phone
Search and Discover on your Mobile Phone

The power of negotiation is often underestimated in this shy world of ours. If you are persistent and bold you will find the best mobile phone deals in the UK before you grow old. Virgin mobile offers great mobile phone deals UK, and there are simple ways to find the best deals on their website. This article will provide you with some very effective and simple steps to lead you towards negotiating the best possible new mobile phone deal for yourself. Haggling is a term that describes someone that disputes something and persistently drives a hard bargain. This is a tactic that most salesmen will use against you so why not give them a taste of their own medicine like the antibiotics in their cupboards. Here’s how to haggle to get the best mobile phone deals UK.

Step 1 – If you don’t ask…

Phone your operator and say that you are unhappy with the tariff you are currently paying for. It sounds easy if you’ve got the right mentality but you would be surprised at how many people actually thought about doing this but ended up talking themselves out of it. Keep in mind the fact that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, record that saying on a mental tape recorder and play it over in your head.

Step 2 – Willingness to walk away

It’s just like when you’re having an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you get to boiling point where one of you says: “I’m leaving!” before turning their back slightly and clasping the door handle, the other one will more often than not say “Wait!” and that’s when you know you’ve got them right where you want them. Call up your operator and tell them that you are leaving. You may have found a better deal on a price comparison website or you are keen to join a network such as Virgin Mobile because you know that they offer special packages to those who already have their broadband packages, either way, say that you have found a better offer and your thinking about leaving. This way the operator will use their passionate persistence to convince you to stay by offering you a better deal.

Step 3  – Not the answer your looking for?

When haggling at times you may realize that your operator has given up the fight in keeping you on the network. They may say “ok, you can leave” (very unlikely!) but if that scenario comes up and they claim that they will be cancelling your contract, you can get out of the situation by saying that you will consider more options with other networks before finalizing your deal. That way you’ll have some more time to think about what is best for you.

Free SIM Cards in UK

SIM Cards in UK
Free SIM Cards in UK

The free SIM cards are the best deals which can be easily used with any type of unlocked mobile phones. The free SIM cards are covered with many benefits and the user can get these cards by signing a form on a particular website to request for SIM cards for free. This will not require any payment. The next step after buying a mobile phone will be buying a SIM card which is the lifeline of mobile phones. The users can choose the SIM from the company they want it and now with the advent of latest technology some types of mobile phones are also offering the functionality of dual SIM. The mobile phone market is now pouring with many mobile phone retailers who are providing free SIM cards.

Many network companies are providing the free SIM cards which comprises lucrative plans and also offers more bonus minutes and free internet usage. The users can flexibly select the plan that they want it and also suits their lifestyle. The SIM for free will be the perfect choice for those who have unlocked mobile phones, this is because they can insert the SIM and remove it anytime they want it. There are many online portals and websites providing information about free SIM cards and also you can get the list of different companies that are offering free SIM cards.

There are many companies offering free SIM cards in the UK like Three, Vodafone, T Mobile, Tesco Mobile Free SIM, Free Orange SIM cards, Virgin Mobile, O2 and much more.  The free SIM cards in UK for international students will benefit them to get SIM cards which offer low rates for making both national and international calls. This will also help to avoid any roaming charges and will also help to reduce about 80% of charges. The only thing to ensure in this case is that the mobile has GSM and can operate on 1800 MHz frequency. The Mobile World SIM card is the best and cheapest SIM card in the UK. The free SIM cards will help to get many best offers like saving 80% on international roaming cost, receive the incoming calls absolutely for free, call Canada, USA for just 5p/min and much more. This will help you to have an absolute control over the costs to make calls and will be the best choice of selecting SIM card for the unlocked mobile phones.

Twitter and Facebook link for new phone application

BlackBerry Curve 3G
BlackBerry Curve 3G

Now, whatever mobile phone you might have, be it a Blackberry Curve or anything else, if you have Facebook or Twitter, you will have admission to the World Wide Web! You might be sat there thinking “That’s a fairly evident statement!” Well yes it is, however soon enough, if rumours should be believed you may then not be visiting Facebook or Twitter independently you could very well be signing onto one joint account for both social networking websites. Yes that’s correct one account for the two sites. This is only after all rumours, not truth, fact and it has almost definitely not yet been confirmed.

In a recent interview at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams was asked about whether or not Twitter could be open to undertaking more integration with Facebook to which he answered: “I think you’ have to ask Mark (Zuckerberg) that. But you missed your opportunity.” Williams joked, as Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook’s founder had been questioned on the stage the day before. So if you’re an enthusiastic Twitterer however have an allegiance with Facebook then this would, we imagine become a dream come true for you!

Now discussing devices, there are some excellent mobile phones available on the market at the moment so if you’re after one of many handsets then you will have to shop around a little bit, for example, there are several very good Blackberry Curve deals inside our stores as well as some other mobile phones that are offered. Blackberry’ aren’t’ actually the finest handsets for Facebook and Twitter like but they aren’t’ bad.

At the minute though, Twitter are pondering whether or not to raise a new round of financing there seem to be rumours circulating there are numerous venture firms which are champing at the bit to lead this completely new round of financing. There are some investors being touted, however let’s be honest if you’d lots and lots of cash then would you really want to be chucking $100million of your hard earned cash into Twitter? I know for a fact, I wouldn’t’ want too! But some of the possible investors who are being touted around at the minute are Russian organization DST who has invested already in Zynga, Groupon and finally, Facebook itself are allegedly leading the race for who’ll front the next round of investment.

If Twitter do get that extra investment you can be certain that it won’ be going down the pan anytime soon after they raised $100million little over a year ago!

HP Slate Deals – Grab them before they are gone

HP Slate
HP Slate

If you are wondering what is HP Slate, then you are not alone. Many have wondered what HP, which is one of the major manufacturers of computer products is doing in the market place in order to counter the huge demand and popularity of the Apple iPad. Now the iPad is already well known and many articles have been written on it. Many people have also benefitted from some free offers from Apple when they wanted to promote the product initially. However, not much is known about the HP Slate and whether HP is going to make similar free offers to consumers.

That is where the marketing team of HP has a surprise in store. They do not want to miss out using the huge marketing budget that most big companies have in place and to be used whenever they have a new product to roll out into the market. For all those wondering how such companies manage to offer freebies, the answer is the marketing budgets they have and are allowed spend freely from.

It is sensible advertising and marketing when companies spend on free samples and distribute them to many consumers. This is the best way to make a product known and companies know that once the product becomes known, demand will automatically rise and they will get flooded with orders from these very consumers. It is therefore a win-win situation for both the consumer as well as the company. The free samples are also of excellent quality.

HP is not new to this. Some months back they had distributed free laptops to consumers who bought their printer and scanner. So it is not surprising that they would be distributing free HP Slate gadgets and you can get good HP Slate deals if you are alert enough to the opportunity.

So how do you get access to the free deal?

Well the ‘test and retain’ offer that many consumer companies come out with is pretty similar in its methodology. You only need to look for websites that promote such offers and all you have to do is to fill in the survey form. It normally does not take more than 5 minutes of your time and once you give them some personal information including the shipping address, they would send you a confirmatory mail to check if you are genuine. You will then receive the HP Slate through a good logistic provider and you will receive it in your house absolutely free of cost.

How to unlock HTC Aria

You have bought yourself the HTC Aria and are thrilled that finally you have something in your hand that you always wanted. After the initial days of usage and exploring all its features, you notice certain restrictions and realize that those have been put in place by the manufacturer. One of them is the fact that you cannot use any other mobile services and have to mandatorily use the service to which the gadget is programmed and linked.

If that mobile service is good and affordable, you would not have a problem. But if you find the service quality abysmal and the rates high, then you will get the feeling that you are stuck with a gadget that is not giving you total satisfaction. This will be felt all the more by you when you roam and have to pay much higher charges for the roaming service.

The only option then is to look for methods on how to unlock the HTC Aria as you know that by unlocking the Aria HTC; you would be able to get access to other mobile operator services and would be able to enjoy not only better services but also escape roaming charges. You would also be able to use more than one SIM card so that official and personal calls can be taken separately. What’s more, you would be able to visit any country and use the local mobile operator services without having to pay a lot by way of roaming charges. You would also be able to increase the resale value of your gadget with this as the new buyer would be definitely interested in getting an unlocked SIM.

So how do you achieve the unlocking of your HTC Aria?

Well, this service is offered by certain specialized and expert websites, unlocking the aria htc. All that is required by you is to give them the mobile phone model as well as the IMEI code of your HTC. You can find the IMEI code by either dialing #06# or by looking at the sticker beneath the battery. Upon receiving this information, they will email you the eight digits unlock code which you need to enter into your gadget and get your SIM unlocked.

The service offered comes with a money back guarantee and they are able to provide you with the unlocking code within a few minutes. They only ask you to first check if your gadget is accepting the unlock code prior to requesting them for the service.