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Ways to get free music ringtones for your cell phone

Fishing for your favorite ringtone all through the internet & struck as to how to download them to your cell phone?? Isn’t it amazing that you now can download any number of free music ringtones to your cell phone by following few simple steps? Yes, it is indeed simple procedure that you need to follow and there you have all the officially free ringtones to download to your cell phone.

The sites normally ask for a registered E-mail address and basic details like your first name, last name, the country you live in & the postal codes. Next is the selection of username & the password that you will be using to log in into the site to download mp3 ringtones have to be provided. Fields which are mandatorily required to be filled in will be marked which shouldn’t be left blank.

Once you are done with filling the requisite details, you will receive a verification link to your email that you have to verify in order to download your favorite ringtones.

The next step is to visit the site and click on the log in or sign in link. Log in with your registered username & the password and you are now just one step away from download mp3 ringtones. As soon as you log in sites normally ask you to select the mobile brand which you are using or you wish to download the mp3 ringtones to. Select the brand name and the respective model from the list provided by the site. This is to verify the compatibility of the mp3 ringtone you request to download with the instrument you use. There you go, you are all set to download that favorite mp3 ringtone you have been waiting all this time.

Many of the sites list the ringtones and they are normally accessed by typing the name or the keyword of the mp3 ringtone that you wish to download on the search bar provided for this purpose. Some sites do offer suggestions and once you have located the ringtone, you can as well play it and confirm the ringtone. There will be a link below the mp3 ringtone that you have selected for the download.

Once you hit the download link, sites again offer you two choices, whether you want to download the officially free ringtone to your PC or directly on to your cell phone. Both the methods are hassle free. If you wish to download the mp3 ringtone to your PC select the PC option and save it on your drive. Once the ringtone is saved it can be transferred to your cell phone either through USB or through Bluetooth or by memory card reader.

If you want the officially free ringtones to your cell phone device directly select that option, which sends you a download link to your registered mobile & that is it. You have downloaded your favorite free mp3 ringtones. You can download as many officially free ringtones as you want to your device & enjoy!!