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Where is High Speed Broadband Coming Next?

Depending on where you live, high speed broadband is coming sooner or later! Each country is unique in its own problems with infrastructure and bureaucracy however, preventing such development. Let’s take a look at some case studies from around the world:

Africa Underseas Cables 2011

The United States

The US government recently announced that it would launch initiatives to increase high speed internet access across the US by making broadband dramatically cheaper. Barack Obama has issued an executive order which will force federal agencies across the United States to speed by the process by which network companies can install the fibre optic broadband infrastructure.

The Obama administration has underlined the need for broadband companies and road builders to work together in order to complete the fibre optic installation in the most convenient way possible. The plan has been referred to as ‘Dig Once’.

West Africa

The Africa Coast to Europe cable is due to be switched on this December. Up until now, internet access in many African nations has been limited to slow-loading text-only websites. Mobile phones and text messaging are more popular than email in many countries. However, the new France Telecomm cable will be connecting 18 countries on the West coast of the continent, as well as the two landlocked countries of Mali and Niger. France Telecomm describes the area as “mature in terms of voice data and SMS” and sees great potential for increased revenue after the fall of certain repressive regimes. The real broadband speed test will begin later this year.

India and Pakistan

The government of India has recently approved the first nationwide telecommunications plan since the 1990s. India is the world’s fastest growing market for broadband and is also relatively low cost for most Indian consumers. The focus will supposedly be on wireless facilities as the country seeks to abolish costly roaming charges. The operator with the largest slice of the pie is Bharti Airtel, who have a 49 per cent share in the US company Qualcomm’s Indian contract. This puts Bharti Airtel into direct competition with the Ambani group, who are India’s only other 4G operators.  Meanwhile nearby Pakistan has no 3G networks to speak of.

New Zealand

Regulators in New Zealand are still debating over the iPad 3 ‘4G capability’ drama that led Apple to issue refunds, apologies and change their point-of-sale marketing to reflect the fact that Australia has no 4G networks that are compatible with the iPad. It remains to be seen whether a similar investigation will be launched in New Zealand following the fine that Apple faced.

Is high speed broadband coming to your area, in your country? Or are there problems which could potentially take a long time to solve? The UK for example has an existing infrastructure of copper wiring that’s expensive to replace, coupled with a long process of deciding fair competition in the awarding of contracts. Let’s hope that the world has speedy broadband in the next ten years!

Does technology enrich lives of people or clutter them?

Does technology enrich lives

Technology has changed the world. In a survey done recently, it was found that total number of computers in the New York City is more than the number in the entire continent of Africa.  To keep ourselves in pace with the fast growing technology is challenging. But is this development making the world better or is it making it worse?

The issue is a controversial one as different people have different mindsets. Technology has taken much of the part of modern life. There are minds which see technology as a force out of control of humans whereas others believe it to have contributed to the improvement of quality of life. The fact is that application of knowledge has gradually urbanized over the years aimed at the betterment of our day-to-day lives. Do the technological devices existing and entering the market everyday enrich our lives? It cannot be denied that technology helps us in performing our tasks quickly and efficiently and gadgets shunning the rest world. Imagine the world without laptops, music, cars, buildings, gadgets, machines, well, it is now even hard to imagine!

Taking into account fields like medicine, education, daily life, saying that technology has made lives worse would not be justified. It is because of technology that our daily lives have moved on to unprecedented levels. Not only daily life is benefitted, medicine is another important field where technology has proved to be boon. Many diseases which were a cause of massive deaths can now be cured. People are living healthier life as such. Similarly advancement in the equipments makes surgical procedures easy. Another major reason that technology deserves an applaud is in the advancement in the field of education. Learning for the students is made easy through medias like projectors, video conferences, and computer.

If we consider such benefits of technology, it can be concluded that contribution technology has made in the quality of life outweighs the deficits. Development and application of tools, mobile phones, machines, processes and materials to solve problems is a wonderful thing. Take a look around, all you’ll see technology in every particle. Doesn’t that fascinate you, how can a person talk to a friend sitting miles far from him. How does it feel when we are in some other world, some other planet! Imagine you have to write the bunch of papers on your own had there been no laptop!

Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. And now need of the hour is to keep ourselves updated with all the technologies entering and leaving the world each day. To make every person aware of the changing technology and so that it benefits all, technological news are posted regularly on the sites. Using internet it is possible to know what is happening in the world and keep ourselves updated. Thus to keep moving with this advancing world, it is necessary to  know every development and make it a part of our lives if it actually benefits you, every technology is made to benefit the mankind.

Sites Protects Computer from Spam, Data Tampering and Hacking

Many people don’t understand the importance of proxy sites. They like to avoid such sites which seem to be detrimental to net browsing.  Actually they have lack of information in relation to usage of proxy sites. Proxy sites act as an agent to filter the digital data. It collects information from internet and then it delivers data to the computer. It is a buffer and its main job is to bring speed to net surfing, upkeep of database via effective filtration and enhance the data conversion in more systematic way.  Proxy sites always help online browsers to collect the spam free data.

Proxy Server

However, besides re-filtration of digital data, smooth data transfer and enhancement of perfect internet surfing, proxy sites perform marvelously to hide the identity of persons who are supposed to do browsing.  The main advantage of using the proxy sites is to protect the computer from unnecessary tampering and hacking.  You are in safe to keep your identity secret from outsiders. ‘My IP address’ system is well taken care of. IP address will be protected from the exposure to other persons who can steal digital information from your site for their own personal gains. Other guys will not be able to locate your IP address due to the installation of proxy sites.

Due to the massive sophistication of technology, it has now become clear that upgraded proxy software has gained success in the protection of laptop from the onset of interference, hacking, and data distortion. If you check various reviews, short write-ups and data, you will come to know how competently the proxy servers are performing to keep the digital data intact.  This server can be maintained and you will have to be well concerned about the modern techniques to upgrade your system for your own good.  You should have clear conception about the proper upkeep of a proxy server.

There are various types of proxy servers.  For instance, web based proxy server is used to block the spam data and useless information which are detrimental to the computer. Your system can be damaged by viral infection. A web backed proxy server is definitely applicable to the proper usage of digital data which enters into the computer.  If you are habituated in browsing sites, you should operate this type of proxy server to bring perfection to the data collection process.  “My IP address” re-filtration process is conducted well by this sophisticated proxy software. A cache proxy server is definitely helpful to ensure speedy browsing.  This server backfires signal to the remote controller in advance.   Therefore there is no necessity for an operator to send request to the remote controller.  This type of upfront signal transfer process comes handy to start surfing at high speed.  Proxy sever increases the security of database and enhances the systematic computer maintenance.

Make Money online with your Mobile Phone

Feeling bored of life already? Need to earn handsome amounts in your extra time without going anywhere? Then this article is just what you need to lookout. Now come on lets look out for ways to earn money. Every one of us has dreams of earning huge money, but all of us have the same question is there any way to make money while simply sitting in our houses and browsing on our mobile phones. Internet gives you wide options for making money online. You can write blogs on different issues of life, your feelings and advices to others. Based upon the standards of vocal bury used, you will be paid. There are varieties of internship projects base on web designing and techniques and you will awarded a particular stipend for your projects with your phone online.

Recent news is updated then and there on the respective press sites and in case you wish to give out your articles for publishing then its one good opportunity to earn. Not all press sites pay money for the articles being published. There are certain rules and certain set of articles which are paid by the respective press departments. There are many organizations which are meant for publishing blogs, you can donate your articles to them and those articles whose standards are too good and deserved to be published will be selected and paid accordingly while using your phone. Web designing is one such field where you could earn while you are at your respective places. Put along all your imaginations and create a new website, approach the respective departments and put out your designs, you will be paid according to your creativity levels. These are some of the ways of making money online.

Other ways include creating your own music and publishing it in the respective sites. This in addition to earning money will enable other online users to recognize your talents. Online trading is another way to make money and is a wonderful method of earning huge amounts. All you need is to know some online trading and publishing skills. Engaging yourselves in online advertising agencies meant for recognition of other people creation is another way. Likewise if you are looking out for ways of earning money, there are humpty numbers of choices available. Especially online business is gaining so much of popularity as it not only enables you to spend your time usefully but also allocates time for you to take care of other house hold works. It can be called a boon for housewives.

Making money online has its own set of advantages. All you need is just the appropriate net connection and that’s it, you are your own entrepreneur. You don’t have that strain of traveling, you don’t have any transport costs or anything for that matter. All you need is an appropriate pc with appropriate net facilities, and some creativity, imagination and vocabulary. So come on what are you waiting for? Just browse the net for varieties of opportunities and start earning immediately. Make use of your extra time in a very useful way.

The console cable that make different

Xbox 360 & PS3 HDMI Cable
Xbox 360 & PS3 HDMI Cable

If you really want to enjoy playing games in high definition on your Xbox 360 or PS3 console by attaching to TV, then no doubt you require an HDMI connection. The HDMI cables absolutely make the difference in your game console when compared to other option cables by offering high definition video up to the resolution of 080p. In just one cable you can get both the video and audio of high definition.  This therefore reduces the need for a separate audio cable for your game console. If you wish to get exceptional sound and the best picture quality from the gaming console, then HDMI will be the best option. Some of the latest technology of hdmi cable that is available for your console are; xbox 360 hdmi cable which is available in different types, sizes and arranges, you can also get ps3 hdmi cables different types, sizes and arranges s well.

In the gaming world the HDMI is being used by two different consoles, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. PS3 can support 1080p HD absolutely which are called ps3 hdmi cable. The main reason for this is that, PS3 includes built in blu ray that allows watching 1080p video. This therefore makes the need for HDMI cables that can support 1080p resolution. Whereas the component cables cannot support this picture resolution because, this game console will generate the images only in digital format. Using high speed HDMI cables are suggested for the game console because the standard cables will not support 1080p.

The need for HDMI cables for Xbox 360 is same as PS3, when considering analog conversion. In order to get an extra boost in the quality of image, then HDMI cables are the best option. But Xbox 360 can support only up to HD 720p and this cables are called xbox 360 hdmi cable. Using a standard speed cable for high performance is suggested for this game console. The HDMI cables have now available in various versions like Version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 with the most latest technology in it. Choosing the right HDMI will make you enjoy the real gaming experience with the consoles.