Netbook buying guide


After you did all of your researches, and now have a few netbook models on your shopping list. You are almost there, and you need to close it with good buying tricks.

  • Go with a bigger netbook manufacturer such as business broadband. Unless you are technically savvy, it is reasonable to go with a mini-laptop made by one of the major manufacturers. Although a few lesser-known brands may work adequately, it’s usually less risky to go with a familiar name brand. That is because you will likely get better supports and larger manufacturer tend to have greater user community in the internet. In many cases, you’ll find online forums offer better and faster helps than what you’ll get from the customer supports.
  • Check out feedbacks and reviews – online retailer web sites such as NewEgg and Amazon are good sources for user reviews. Get as many testimonials as you can. Generally, an important tenet of statistics is that the bigger the sample size, the more accurate the data will be.
  • Compare prices. Prices vary widely, especially online. Every cent saved these days counts, and you may easily save an extra 20 bucks with a smart buying technique, depending on where you buy the netbook. Amazon,, and Newegg all stock netbooks, as do most smaller online laptop retailers – Google is your best buddy in finding them. If you are low on cash but still need a mobile computing, consider early netbook models. With sellers getting rid of older and discontinued models, you may find some great price cuts on various online deals – and don’t forget about using eBay. Many times, you can get brand-new early model netbooks for about $150 or less.
  • Shop at local stores. If possible find a local store that sells netbooks and see it in person. (In the US, Target, Costco, Best Buy, and even Toys“R”Us sell some netbook models).

Some manufacturers have discounted prices on used netbooks. Those netbooks are usually in good condition. They have been brought back to the manufacturer for some reasons and have been repaired and tested thoroughly. Most come with complete warranties. Check the netbook manufacturer’s internet site to see whether you can easily score any deals. Try to see latest offers on refurbished netbooks.

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