How to use iPhone bookmarks

Opening and Creating Your Bookmarks
When you want to have a Web page bookmarked, tap at the plus sign that is on the left side of your address bar. Now the Add Bookmark screen shall appear, here you will be able to edit this page name- to make it easy and simplifies any long names now choose this bookmark which resides in the Bookmark folders. If you like to set the new bookmark in an already existing folder, simply tap the arrow on the right side of word Bookmark; now tap on a desired folder at the easy-to-browse hierarchical list what appears. After you done just click on Save.

When opening one page from the bookmark list, click on bookmarks icon in toolbar at the bottom. Select any bookmark to have it opened, or click a folder if you like to browse the bookmarks. The back-arrow button that’s at the upper left brings you up a level at the bookmarks hierarchy.
You also able to browse the Safari history through its Bookmark screen, once you tapped the bookmark icon, then move at the highest level on the bookmark list. Here you will find the History folder. Simply click on this folder here you see the list of recent Web pages you have visited. You won’t be able to delete single sites from the history page but you are able to delete the entire list at once by clicking on its Clear button.

How to manage bookmarks
When you on-the-go, you may use iPhones Bookmarks screen if you want to delete, edit, rename or reorganize you bookmarks. Click on Edit button on the bottom at Bookmarks screen when you want to enter the editing mode. Here are able to delete any folder or bookmark- except the Bookmarks Bar, Bookmarks Menu and History folders- by clicking the minus sign (-)  which is next to the name. if you wish to edit any URL tap on the bookmark`s title which is on edit screen. Your resulting screen will let you relocate this bookmark to any new folder, and if you like to move the bookmark to lower or higher position in its present folder – for an example, put sites most visited right at the top of the list- just menu icon on the right side of bookmark`s title in your new location. (Regrettably you can not drag the bookmark into the folder the same way) new folders can be created for any future bookmarks just by clicking the New Folder key. Even though the iPhone provides you with most tools you will need for managing the bookmarks on-the-go, a much easier option will be to use Web Browser on PC or your Mac to organize or edit them; iTunes allows you to sync bookmarks on a desktop version, Internet Explorer on Windows, and Safari on the Mac. To have this set up, simply plug the iPhone to the computer then open your iPhone settings screen at iTunes.

How to send a text message from iPhone

Start a conversation
To send messages via a SMS, click on your Text button which is on Home screen, then you may tap on new-message icon. Enter a recipient`s cell-phone number, type in the contact`s name ( same as in Mail, shows up the list of contacts which matches, select one by clicking on it), otherwise click on your plus sign to select an existing contact that’s in the contacts list. Make sure that you choose a contact`s cell-phone number otherwise you message wont be send. (Unfortunately, not same as the SMS features on various other phones, your Text only allows just a single recipient a message) Use your on-screen keyboard when typing a message, thereafter tap on the Send. What will happen next separates a Text program in the iPhone in comparison to a basic SMS feature on other phones. It doesn’t take you back on the main messaging screen; instead Text will open a screen that looks very similar to the iChat window on Mac. The message to your recipient, also all subsequent messages send by you appears at the right inside colored balloons and the replies you may receive from that contact will appear in different colored balloons on your left side.

Messages which appear within short interval come grouped together within a single time frame showing what time back-and-forth started, and if considerable time passes since your last message in your conversation, a new message receives another time stamp. Regrettably, not like most modern cell-phones, Text does not support MMS, this is a variant type of SMS which allows you to send media file and photos via text messages. Nonetheless, if anyone sends you their phone number or a URL, you will be able click on those items and use it immediately. When you tap on any URL it will open a link in Maps, Mails or Safari, depends on what type link, while clicking a phone number shall call that number. Tap the little arrow button that’s next to a message and you will reveal an option to add the number or link to an existing or new contact, or, a cell-phone number, sending new SMS message at that number. Here we get to the facts the iPhone lacks in the copy and paste feature. To have another message send to that same person click within text field below the window. Text preserves the entire SMS conversation, which you have with that other person on one screen. That conversation window will be kept above multiple conversations, making it possible to see all messages from and to each recipient, yet they are days, months or weeks apart. This approach makes it more useful than any SMS functionality for most phones that stores every message separately. When you decide that you prefer a live chat, then simply tap the Call key on the top on your conversation screen, here you call the person on the number you used to SMS. If you like to call another number or send an e-mail, click the Contacts info key and access their contact information.

How to active iPhone?

Once you have purchased your iPhone you can get it activated from your computer. In order to sync and activate your phone, you need the copy of iTunes 7.3 if its not included then you can download it. You will also need 500MHz with min G3 processor, running Mac OS X 10.4.10 or Windows 2000, Vista, XP or PC with 500MHz Pentium processor. The computer has to have a 2.0 USB port; you also have to have your Apple ID and password. To set the time and date, setup pass codes for your phone also pair or enable Bluetooth devises and much more.

This screen has the name of the phone, the number of videos, songs, photos and the name of the network you using on your iPhone.

After a period of time the phone screen locks to reactivate the phone press home button. The AUTO-LOCK screen allows you to set after how many minutes you like the phone to go off.

Passcode lock
You can set a four-digit code on your phone this way only you are able to use the phone. You are also able to change the passcode as you feel fit, you have an option to display the preview of SMS messages received while the phone is locked.

How to change your settings
You will be able to access the program selection from its settings screen, this accessible via the home screen. Here you will also be able to change the system wide settings like the brightness, wallpaper and sound. At the phones setting screen here you will also find the option to change to Airplane Mode. The setting screen is very crowded with 12 different entries on the main screen. Here is what each setting does. If you travel a lot then this a very important feature when boarding a plane, Airplane Mode turns off all the phones wireless capabilities such as EDGE, Wi-Fi, making and receiving calls and all Bluetooth communication. Once the phone is in Airplane Mode you won’t be able to use any functions on the phone except for iPod functions, and download and read any e-mail or SMS messages. If you already connected to the Wi-Fi network the networks name will be on right of the screen by tapping the arrow on the screen you will access the network. This shows you for how long you used the iPhone also how long the phone was on standby from the last time it was recharged. The phone also displays EDGE network data and all call times. Here you are able to change the Vibrate mode off and on, change ringtones and alerts to suite you. You can also put you keyboard on mute and change the volume of your ringtones, from the volume button at the side of the phone on the on-screen slider. The wallpaper will appear when you receive a call or when the phone is locked. You can use a picture of your choice or you able to choose from Apples bundle patterns or photos or even something you sync from your computer.

How to get started with your iPhone

iPhone is a new generation of cell phones, 3G is the second generation of iPhone, a smartphone made by Apple that combines an iPod, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a cellular phone. You will learn a few thing on how to get start with your iPhone if you just bought one. iPhone is all most the same thing as the iPods it comes with a standard audio jack of 3.5mm instead of the 2.5mm found on most cell phones.  Unfortunately the jack is buried a little into the handsets body, making this incompatible to most headphones you may own. The iPhone has an internal microphone this is found at the right bottom of the phone, used only to make calls and it is unable to record any external audio. The headset works exactly as the iPod’s earbuds, you are able take calls through it and listen to the audio from its YouTube videos and iPod program. The headset is different from the iPod ones; it has a tiny microphone which is attached to a cable that’s dangling from the right earbud, making it possible to hear voice during a call when it’s plugged in. The headset comes with a built in switch you can press the microphone once when watching a video or listening to music to playback or pause. Press twice to skip a track, if you receive a call you can press the microphone once to answer and end a call. If you want to send a call to voice mail then press and hold for a couple of seconds. It will beep twice once it’s done. You can also take one call and put the other on hold, or go back to the call on hold. The iPhone comes standard with 30-pin iPod port connector to connect to you computer or your other accessories. Due to the different shape from the iPod it might not fit well in several accessories. Interference from the iPhones antenna may not allow the speakers to work except in airplane Mode. At the left bottom edge of your iPhone resides the speaker, the sound comes from here if you have a call on the speakerphone. It also plays the video and music audio on your phone. Since it has only one speaker it only plays audio in mono meaning single channel.

Such as all current GMS phones, this iPhone also uses a SIM card. At the top of your phone you will find a little slot for the SIM card. The iPhone comes preinstalled with the SIM card and activates through iTune. Unfortunately you won’’t be able to use your old phone SIM card in the iPhone it won’t work because the iPhone SIM card has new and special characteristic which are not in other SIM cards.

Rounding on the top is the on/off and sleep/wake button, this switch has four functions. You can press the swish briefly this will lock your screen, but the phone can still play music and receive calls, just the screen will be off. If you press this button again you will unlock or wake up the iPhone, to shut the phone off completely then hold down the button for some seconds. Once the phone is shut down it won’t play music, ring or anything else. To reactivate the phone you just have to press the button again.