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Unique features of Android and Its Applications

Android and Its Applications

Now with the advance in technology even the smallest most used gadgets like mobile phones are being updated with the latest software and are also being upgraded. With the invention of Android software, the world of communication and the world of application have been developing for a very long time now. Unique features of Android and its application can be found online easily. Many people now go for those application and those phones that have the Android software in them so that with the help of this they can make communication fun and a lot better.

When it comes to unique features of Android, people have been found to enjoy a lot. When it is about speed and connectivity, easy communication and easy navigation, one can find all of these in Android phones. Android phones have become really successful now and this software has become the most wanted software online. With the increasing competition, there has been a lot going on in the market of software and applications. With millions of applications being introduced in the market and online, android phones make sure they carry all the top free apps in one application where people can easily download them quickly.

Android applications that are famous come without a price. This is because this is the only way many people would shift to android and with this; people need to be persuaded further by making their favorite applications available. These applications have beaten many other applications that can be found online for various phones and software. Due to the introduction of many applications now, Android has been working hard to make sure that the applications that can provide people with many different ways of keeping themselves entertained. Many times people have been seen to demand for apps that are religious as well.

The main feature of android is that is has developed so much that it can now provide people all around the world with various entertaining apps. Many people who search for android phones would be able to enjoy the speed like no other software. Since android phones have millions of new apps and many apps that are most wanted and this software can support many applications that other software cannot support, so this software is now being demanded by people all around. With the applications now becoming more and more famous, it has now become a challenge for other mobile companies in the market to update their software as well.

There are many competitors in the market for the Android software and the applications that can be downloaded straight on the mobiles. With so much on mind to do and with so much to notice around, the companies that are able to attract people towards their market for android and applications are the one that always remain successful. Applications that have been demanded by many people are now being offered by android, the fast, speedy and easy navigation software that can make you life much easier and can make a Smartphone give the value for money.

Top 5 free Android App for 2012

Free Android Apps
Free Android Apps

Today Android phones are used by most of the people and as a result many Android applications are released to get a hold in the market. Many people finds it difficult to choose the apps for themselves and thus to help such users, here is a description of the best 5 Android applications which can be availed freely in 2012.

Google sky map: If you love to be adventurous and want to know what is happening in the sky then it is good to download the Google sky map on to your phone. This app will make use of the orientation of the phone and provides you the detailed view of the stars and plants in the sky. Face your phone towards the sky and get to know what constellations are visible in the sky. You can also use this app inside the house if you are very sensitive to cold during night time.

Layar: Today most of the people will be busy in their work schedules and they will not have enough time for finding out the exact price of the favorite book, travels needs, house price etc… Layar has gone commercial by providing the user to purchase their things online. Here you will get the exact price of the product and also the exact description of the product. This app has become very famous today as it presents the complete shopping market where ever you are.

ASTRO File manager: If you are person who loves to keep huge amount of data on your phone, then you need to install ASTRO File manager on to your phone. This app will allow the user to organize and maintain all the files in the phone. The files may be images, videos, audio, documents and any other files. Once you install this application to your phone, you will as if you are using a windows explorer in computer. You can any file by browsing easily with comfort. This app will also allow the user to backup the files so that you can get them back when you loose the phone or change the phone.

Evernote: If you are a person who will be involved in busy work which makes you to forget some important dates and meeting then first you need to install Evernote on your Android phone. With this application you can create text, voice and image notes and make it to remain you on the exact time. You can also sink these notes to different devices you are going to use in your daily activities.

Google Goggles: This app when installed on your Android phone it provides you all the required information. This app will work on image recognition technology and all you need is just to take snap of the thing for which you want more detailed information about it. You can also scan QR and Bar code of the product to get the information about it.  One you scan QR and Bar code or just take a snap of the product, the app will Google by itself and presents you the detailed information about it within a few span of time.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S

Over the last few years, there have been few mobile phones that have been able to challenge the supremacy of Apple’s iPhone in terms of the high end mobile phone market. Last year however, a true heavyweight of the mobile phone world was released and did just that, defying all expectations and selling huge amounts to keep the phone’s manufacturer at the top of the pile in terms of mobile manufacturers. This phone is, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S; a phone packed with enough features and great new technology to keep users interested for a long, long time!

In terms of aesthetics, it does not look dissimilar to the iPhone, looking a bit like a cross between the 3GS and the iPhone 4. The phone is extremely thin, only millimetres thicker than the iPhone 4 itself which is still the slimmest phone on the market, but the fact that the Galaxy S has a curved back means that it actually feels less chunky than the iPhone. If there is one thing that lets the phone down in this way it is that it feels a little cheap compared to other premium smartphones.

Onto more important matters though and Samsung’s version of the Android OS looks absolutely great. The skin, called TouchWiz 3.0 is also very easy to navigate and allows users to play around with short cuts and other things on the display, making it a lot easier to get used to your own phone.

The massive capacitive touchscreen – which measures in at a whopping 4 inches – is absolutely great and very, very responsive, with only the iPhone 4 itself really comparing to it. Virtual keyboards can be a real pain on lesser phones but this is not a problem on the Galaxy S at all so you can type away to your heart’s content.

Android phones continue to rise in popularity and when there are remarkable Android handsets such as the Galaxy S around it is easy to see why it is set to overtake Symbian as the world’s most popular operating system.

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Steve Jobs Says that Apple Has Reasons to Dump Adobe Flash

Apple Dump Adobe Flash

Apple just recently dropped Adobe Flash for their iPhone, iPod and iPad line of products. Because the decision seemingly came out of nowhere, a lot of critics came to the conclusion that Apple wants to cage in their developers and prevent the cross compatibility efforts of Apple apps with other platforms. Adobe of course, was gracious enough in saying that it was not a total loss because they were able to prove that there are no technical issues stopping Flash from running in Apple’s platform.

Dropping Adobe like a hot potato did not really paint a good picture of Apple’s image. This, topped with the chain of app vetoing makes them seem less open than their competitor Google. Actually, Steve Jobs even poked fun at Google’s app policing, which is the total opposite of their business strategies.

Good old Steve has responded to critics with an explanation as to why the company would turn their back on their long-time ally.

The first point that Jobs pointed out was that Flash is not an “open” system since it is purely handled by Adobe. HTML5 however is considered the true, open system. Next up is the “full web” concept. Even without Flash, Apple devices will survive by using the integrated YouTube app for videos and app games in place of Flash browser games.

The third point refers to the poor reliability of Flash on Apple platforms (think “Mac) and the fourth refers to battery life. While hardware decoding gives the most benefit in video playback, Flash still relies on software decoding, meaning it can decrease battery life by half.

The next point covers that Flash lives in a mouse over era, which mobile phones do not support and the last basically says that Apple cannot depend on Adobe because it is third party and is, therefore, not concerned with Apple’s best interests. Meanwhile Apple’s arch-nemesis Google has been quick to team up with Adobe, promising full flash support for all Android phones from now on, including HTC Legend offers that can be picked up from Moby1 who compare mobile phone contracts in the UK.