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Google Android Vs Apple iPhone

Android and iPhone
Google Android and Apple iPhone

The Google Android and Apple iPhone are the two dominating devices in the mobile market. Both the Google Android and the Apple iPhone are trying to prove in their usability and functionality. Though many G1’s features have got the direct responses to the shortcoming of the iPhone, there are many departments still in which they remain dominant.

When comparing the Google Android and Apple iPhone, the virtual keyboard on iPhone and the keys of the touch screen has got its limitations. The physical keyboards like on Treos, Blackberry’s are very easy to use. The sealed battery of iPhone causes metaphoric problem when compared to the functional one. With the un-modifiable feature of the Apple iPhone, the Google Android is said to have direct responses. The Google Android not only has GPS but also a compass that is integrated. This integrated compass can help in determining the way that the user is facing and also it gives the Google maps and images of building around. When considering the integration of offline with the Google apps, it is possible for the Google applications of mobile versions on the iPhone but of course with some exceptions like Google Maps application. This needs to be done through the website.

The calendar of Android phones is of offline version of the online application of Google calendar. This can be accessed by simply entering the date in the phone and it will then automatically show the online calendar. The Android will also replicate online programs that are used offline when the user wants to set iPhone to sync with the Google calendar. This can be accessed in those areas where there is no service.

To further compare Google Android and Apple iPhone, though the Apple iPhone can do many things, it cannot do it all at once except the iPod program for playing music which runs in background while doing other things on the phone. Whereas the Google Android will enable to swipe between the programs easily but at the same time it is essential to note about the effects it has on the performance and memory of the phone. The threat of the multitasking in mobiles is mainly with the Windows mobile, where lot of applications can be loaded up simultaneously. Moreover the Google Android will also allow to copy and paste the text and it finally motivates bringing this feature to Apple iPhone.

Facts about Apple iPhone

iPhone 4
Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is the popular multimedia Smartphone which comes with an internet connection with the touch screen. This iPhone also features nominal hardware interface and it renders the virtual keyboard on touch screen as it does not have the physical keyboard. The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals of Apple iPhone provides more information about the functions and best deals in the market.

The function of Apple iPhone includes that of the media player and camera phone in addition with visual voicemail and text messaging. The internet services offered by this iPhone include web browsing, e-mil and connectivity of local Wi-Fi. The quad band GSM was the first generation hardware which features EDGE and second generation adds UMTS by featuring HSDPA. This Apple iPhone was introduced initially in US in 2007 and it was later introduced worldwide. In 2008, iPhone 3G has been released and it well supports fast 3G data speed and also assists GPS. In order to get best iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals the first advertisement for the Apple iPhone was aired on ABC on 25th February, 2007. The advertisements featured describing about the features of the iPhone very cleverly by demonstrating on-screen.

The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals, states about the availability of the Apple iPhone. About 270,000 iphones were sold out in first 30 hours on launch in 2007 and according to Entertainment Software Association about 8 million iPhones have sold in U.S. More over the iPhones were also made subsequently available in other five countries like UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and France. The first 3G iPhone was sold in New Zealand

Apple has now designed the new application that streams the contents of YouTube wirelessly to the iPhone over the networks of EDGE or Wi-Fi and it is possible to play it on the 3.5” display of the iPhone. The users of Apple iPhone can also enjoy the YouTube that they want it an iPhone on the wide screen TV with the Apple TV. It also enables the user to send YouTube video to their friends and create an email. The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals also states about the specification of the Apple iPhone. This iphone features OS X operating system with 4 to 8 GB flash memory. It features Quad band GSM, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, EDGE. The input method opted is Multi-touch screen interface. This iPhone also features a non removable rechargeable battery.

Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 OS

After three of iOS leading the smart phone market with iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, Microsoft have today launch Windows Phone 7 smart-phone operating system (OS) in UK and it will be available in America early next month. The Window phone 7 is released to provide a formidable competitor in the smart phone operating systems market; Windows Phone 7 OS is going to face lots of good competitors in the market such as Nokia, Google Andriod, Apple iPhone 3 and iPhone4. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has made no secret of his intention of Microsoft to target iPhone, despite his initial scepticism about the potential for the iPhone given its less than impressive battery life. That the focus has shifted from outright dismissal to seeing the iPhone as corporate enemy number one is a sign that Microsoft is happy to adopt a niche brand strategy, something unthinkable when it comes to Windows on the PC and Office.

Window Phone 7

According to Microsoft sources, the new Window phone 7 OS is a complete rebuilt window phone and should be able to appeal to users because it is totally user friendly with lots of app and interface. This new operating system has been built around ‘hubs’ with music and photos together, which are then synchronised with storage services on the Web and the user’s personal computer. It is believe that Windows Phone 7 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, and even a pretty smart mobile operating system. The Window phone 7 OS will be available on nine phones, and with 60 operators in 30 countries.

The new Window phone 7 is parked with lots of ready to use apps such as Twitter, eBay, Facebook, railway timetables are ready for launch with more apps in the pipeline. Microsoft has partnered with three smart phone manufacturers, which include HTC, LG and Samsung, so you can get your window phone 7 OS on any of them.