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Unlock the iPhone

If you want more out of your iPhone than its inbuilt features then you have to think in terms of iPhone jailbreaking so that you can not only use it for the purpose you want but also enjoy the services of other cellular companies, use Flash, get access to many restricted applications already present within the iPhone, use a variety of wallpaper, use third party applications, use video chat, watch live TV and also get to enjoy free roaming facilities. More importantly, if you have to unlock your iPhone, there is no choice but to jailbreak it so that you can connect to other networks without any hassle. Jailbreaking your iPhone will also improve the resale value of your iPhone tremendously since any prospective buyer will want and will get all the facilities readymade and he or she would not have to do anything.

However, you first need to understand how Apple has put together this wonderful device. There are two partitions that talk to each other – one is the media partition and the other is the partition which houses the operating system itself. It is thus logical that all media related applications such as the ability to play MP3, view movies, save contacts and other such related files are saved in this media partition. Only the core files which help you operate your gadget are placed in the partition housing the operating system.

Fortunately, there is a software available that will help you unlock and jailbreak your iPhone easily, how to jailbreak an iphone. This software does not lead to any loss of features or functionality of the iPhone and what’s more is offered with a money back guarantee. There is also a life time membership offer where you need not have to pay for the unlocking or jailbreaking of any iPhone in future. This software works with all versions of iPhone and even the older iTouch models. The providers of this software also are willing to give future support if required. It is therefore worthwhile trying out such software since you would have nothing to lose.

If you are concerned about the legality of jailbreaking, then rest assured that it is fully legal and as long as your gadget is not used to hurt somebody, there is no problem. You would however forfeit the warranty of the device and this is true in most European countries. Jailbreaking also generally does not harm the device and you can thus try out the software to unlock your iPhone.

How to browse the web with iPhone: Part 1

If you have worked with Safari previously on PC, or Mac then you will discover the iPhones version from Apple’s web browser strange and familiar, but it can not do everything as the desktop can do, such as it doesn’t presently have flash support. Safari on your iPhone allows you to view almost any site on web, or fill web forms and do searches. To see where any link is going to take you before it actually goes there simply hold down your fingertip on the link rather than clicking on it. When you do this the information balloon will display your underlying URL.

Click on Safari icon at the home screen, here a tiny version of Apple’s web browser will appear. On top of Safari Window you will find the address bar that has two icons on each side, at the left you have a plus sign [+] this is for adding the present page to the list of your bookmarks, at your right is a circular arrow, this is to reload the present page. Below is the toolbar with forward and back arrows, also two icons, one is to open multiple pages (this is a stack of pages) and one is for bookmarks (this is the book icon) to visit any web page, click within the address bar on the top of the Window. From below the iPhones screen the keyboard slides up, as you start to type a URL, Safari will display the list of the sites that are on your bookmarks or in the history which match; click on any one item in that list to have that page opened. Otherwise, you may type the whole URL then click on GO. When entering URLs, your Safari keyboard offers helpful keys for inserting backlash (/), .com suffix and period (.). When entering text at the web page or the search engine, the keyboard switches back to standard layout. When the page starts to load this circular arrow turns to an X. Click the X if you want to have the loading process stopped- handy when you accidentally choose the incorrect site or if the site is taking to long to load.

While scrolling to the bottom of the page, your address bar disappears from the screen. If you need to enter another web address, just click on status bar on the screen that would bring back your address bar. You able to edit your URL that’s already at its address field just click it, or quickly have the address field cleared by clicking the X button, that’s on the right of your address bar, and if you prefer searching the web, then click within your search field which appears at the bottom of address bar. First type a search query there after click on Google key, by default your iPhone uses Google to make web searches, however you are able to change the default to Yahoo. To change this just click on your Settings button which is on home screen, then select Safari then search engine, next click on Yahoo.

How to active iPhone?

Once you have purchased your iPhone you can get it activated from your computer. In order to sync and activate your phone, you need the copy of iTunes 7.3 if its not included then you can download it. You will also need 500MHz with min G3 processor, running Mac OS X 10.4.10 or Windows 2000, Vista, XP or PC with 500MHz Pentium processor. The computer has to have a 2.0 USB port; you also have to have your Apple ID and password. To set the time and date, setup pass codes for your phone also pair or enable Bluetooth devises and much more.

This screen has the name of the phone, the number of videos, songs, photos and the name of the network you using on your iPhone.

After a period of time the phone screen locks to reactivate the phone press home button. The AUTO-LOCK screen allows you to set after how many minutes you like the phone to go off.

Passcode lock
You can set a four-digit code on your phone this way only you are able to use the phone. You are also able to change the passcode as you feel fit, you have an option to display the preview of SMS messages received while the phone is locked.

How to change your settings
You will be able to access the program selection from its settings screen, this accessible via the home screen. Here you will also be able to change the system wide settings like the brightness, wallpaper and sound. At the phones setting screen here you will also find the option to change to Airplane Mode. The setting screen is very crowded with 12 different entries on the main screen. Here is what each setting does. If you travel a lot then this a very important feature when boarding a plane, Airplane Mode turns off all the phones wireless capabilities such as EDGE, Wi-Fi, making and receiving calls and all Bluetooth communication. Once the phone is in Airplane Mode you won’t be able to use any functions on the phone except for iPod functions, and download and read any e-mail or SMS messages. If you already connected to the Wi-Fi network the networks name will be on right of the screen by tapping the arrow on the screen you will access the network. This shows you for how long you used the iPhone also how long the phone was on standby from the last time it was recharged. The phone also displays EDGE network data and all call times. Here you are able to change the Vibrate mode off and on, change ringtones and alerts to suite you. You can also put you keyboard on mute and change the volume of your ringtones, from the volume button at the side of the phone on the on-screen slider. The wallpaper will appear when you receive a call or when the phone is locked. You can use a picture of your choice or you able to choose from Apples bundle patterns or photos or even something you sync from your computer.