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Facts about Apple iPhone

iPhone 4
Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is the popular multimedia Smartphone which comes with an internet connection with the touch screen. This iPhone also features nominal hardware interface and it renders the virtual keyboard on touch screen as it does not have the physical keyboard. The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals of Apple iPhone provides more information about the functions and best deals in the market.

The function of Apple iPhone includes that of the media player and camera phone in addition with visual voicemail and text messaging. The internet services offered by this iPhone include web browsing, e-mil and connectivity of local Wi-Fi. The quad band GSM was the first generation hardware which features EDGE and second generation adds UMTS by featuring HSDPA. This Apple iPhone was introduced initially in US in 2007 and it was later introduced worldwide. In 2008, iPhone 3G has been released and it well supports fast 3G data speed and also assists GPS. In order to get best iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals the first advertisement for the Apple iPhone was aired on ABC on 25th February, 2007. The advertisements featured describing about the features of the iPhone very cleverly by demonstrating on-screen.

The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals, states about the availability of the Apple iPhone. About 270,000 iphones were sold out in first 30 hours on launch in 2007 and according to Entertainment Software Association about 8 million iPhones have sold in U.S. More over the iPhones were also made subsequently available in other five countries like UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and France. The first 3G iPhone was sold in New Zealand

Apple has now designed the new application that streams the contents of YouTube wirelessly to the iPhone over the networks of EDGE or Wi-Fi and it is possible to play it on the 3.5” display of the iPhone. The users of Apple iPhone can also enjoy the YouTube that they want it an iPhone on the wide screen TV with the Apple TV. It also enables the user to send YouTube video to their friends and create an email. The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals also states about the specification of the Apple iPhone. This iphone features OS X operating system with 4 to 8 GB flash memory. It features Quad band GSM, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, EDGE. The input method opted is Multi-touch screen interface. This iPhone also features a non removable rechargeable battery.

How to active iPhone?

Once you have purchased your iPhone you can get it activated from your computer. In order to sync and activate your phone, you need the copy of iTunes 7.3 if its not included then you can download it. You will also need 500MHz with min G3 processor, running Mac OS X 10.4.10 or Windows 2000, Vista, XP or PC with 500MHz Pentium processor. The computer has to have a 2.0 USB port; you also have to have your Apple ID and password. To set the time and date, setup pass codes for your phone also pair or enable Bluetooth devises and much more.

This screen has the name of the phone, the number of videos, songs, photos and the name of the network you using on your iPhone.

After a period of time the phone screen locks to reactivate the phone press home button. The AUTO-LOCK screen allows you to set after how many minutes you like the phone to go off.

Passcode lock
You can set a four-digit code on your phone this way only you are able to use the phone. You are also able to change the passcode as you feel fit, you have an option to display the preview of SMS messages received while the phone is locked.

How to change your settings
You will be able to access the program selection from its settings screen, this accessible via the home screen. Here you will also be able to change the system wide settings like the brightness, wallpaper and sound. At the phones setting screen here you will also find the option to change to Airplane Mode. The setting screen is very crowded with 12 different entries on the main screen. Here is what each setting does. If you travel a lot then this a very important feature when boarding a plane, Airplane Mode turns off all the phones wireless capabilities such as EDGE, Wi-Fi, making and receiving calls and all Bluetooth communication. Once the phone is in Airplane Mode you won’t be able to use any functions on the phone except for iPod functions, and download and read any e-mail or SMS messages. If you already connected to the Wi-Fi network the networks name will be on right of the screen by tapping the arrow on the screen you will access the network. This shows you for how long you used the iPhone also how long the phone was on standby from the last time it was recharged. The phone also displays EDGE network data and all call times. Here you are able to change the Vibrate mode off and on, change ringtones and alerts to suite you. You can also put you keyboard on mute and change the volume of your ringtones, from the volume button at the side of the phone on the on-screen slider. The wallpaper will appear when you receive a call or when the phone is locked. You can use a picture of your choice or you able to choose from Apples bundle patterns or photos or even something you sync from your computer.