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Useful Apps for College Students

Useful Apps for College Students

Smartphone, iPad and iPhone are great devices which do not just provide you entertainment but they are also the best resources of education. There are tons of applications which are available in these amazing devices for the college students. Due to the rapid popularity of tablet computers and Smartphone, more and more new apps are coming up into the world of technology. Developers of applications are continuously delivering new methods which help people to become more creative and connected with the world. Berg Insight reported that the downloading of the number of mobile and tablet applications will increase to approximately 98 billion in 2015 while most of these downloading will be from the students of college in order to improve their habits in study, productivity and make their education life easier. This article will give you an overview of some of the most useful applications which are available in market for the education purposes. Let’s have a look at them!

iStudiez Pro

This is a great powerhouse for students which allows them to easily manage, track, plan and synchronize the schedules of activities and classes, deadlines and much more. With this app, you can make planning of your schedule to fulfill your educational tasks, set reminders for working time, manage your assignments properly and also find out your grades. Synchronization with the iCal will help you to maintain you entire activities in a single place. iStudiez pro supports iPod touch, iPad and iPhone devices and it costs $2.99.


This application is one of the most used applications by college students and its purpose is to create audio, text or image notes and you can access your created notes at any time you want. Not only this, this application creates the searchable text and you can capture the picture of a whiteboard. Its premium features let you to perform synchronization and share files in different formats including PDF, Word, Excel and PPT. the application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPoud touch and you can download it with free of cost.

Science Glossary

Science Glossary application is used to access the definitions of thousands of scientific terms and also link to the meaning of these terms quickly. You can connect with the online learning sections and find the bios of people who have significant history in science. It is free application and supports three Apple devices namely iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

100 Words Almost Everyone Mispronounce

You can download this great application if you want to learn about controversial or tricky words. It has almost 100 such words that slip by even the well read students. These words are selected by editors of the “American Heritage Dictionaries”. Do you have problem in pronouncing some words? Don’t worry! This application is your answer. With this, you can hear the pronunciation correctly at anytime, anywhere you are as this application also do not need internet connection and everything is stored in it. You can download it in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device and its price is only $2.99.

Google Android Vs Apple iPhone

Android and iPhone
Google Android and Apple iPhone

The Google Android and Apple iPhone are the two dominating devices in the mobile market. Both the Google Android and the Apple iPhone are trying to prove in their usability and functionality. Though many G1’s features have got the direct responses to the shortcoming of the iPhone, there are many departments still in which they remain dominant.

When comparing the Google Android and Apple iPhone, the virtual keyboard on iPhone and the keys of the touch screen has got its limitations. The physical keyboards like on Treos, Blackberry’s are very easy to use. The sealed battery of iPhone causes metaphoric problem when compared to the functional one. With the un-modifiable feature of the Apple iPhone, the Google Android is said to have direct responses. The Google Android not only has GPS but also a compass that is integrated. This integrated compass can help in determining the way that the user is facing and also it gives the Google maps and images of building around. When considering the integration of offline with the Google apps, it is possible for the Google applications of mobile versions on the iPhone but of course with some exceptions like Google Maps application. This needs to be done through the website.

The calendar of Android phones is of offline version of the online application of Google calendar. This can be accessed by simply entering the date in the phone and it will then automatically show the online calendar. The Android will also replicate online programs that are used offline when the user wants to set iPhone to sync with the Google calendar. This can be accessed in those areas where there is no service.

To further compare Google Android and Apple iPhone, though the Apple iPhone can do many things, it cannot do it all at once except the iPod program for playing music which runs in background while doing other things on the phone. Whereas the Google Android will enable to swipe between the programs easily but at the same time it is essential to note about the effects it has on the performance and memory of the phone. The threat of the multitasking in mobiles is mainly with the Windows mobile, where lot of applications can be loaded up simultaneously. Moreover the Google Android will also allow to copy and paste the text and it finally motivates bringing this feature to Apple iPhone.

How to setup your network in iPhone

Setting up wifi on IPhone
iPhone and Wi-Fi

To take advantage of the many iPhone’s finest features which includes Web browsing, checking stock, downloading your e-mail messages and receiveing maps and directions, you will have to have access to Internet. With iPhone you get two choices of internet access- everwhere and painfully slow or very fast and spotty, or the way they listed on the specs page of Apple, Wi-Fi and EDGE. Edge is a standard data on cell phones across almost all AT&T’s network. Every iPhone service plan is offered by AT&T provides unlimited usage of EDGE. Unfortunately it can be very slow, averaging in rates few more times faster in comparison to dial-up modems but far slower. Wi-Fi, is totally opposite though been very fast, also the Wi-Fi networks are reasonably common- at work, at home and there are many Wi-Fi hotspots. Regrettably AT&T doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi hotspot network in the iPhone plan.

Setting up wi-fi

Happily, your iPhone switches effortlessly between Wi-Fi and EDGE, this way you always have a backup plan if one network is not available you have the other. However you will want to be connected to Wi-Fi network when it’s possible. Your Wi-Fi settings can be accessed from two different locations, from the Settings screen or the Wi-Fi menu, or the Network screen in General settings. At this section you are able to turn Wi-Fi off or on. When on a “CHOOSE A NETWORK” page will appear, by default iPhone shows a list of wireless networks in range. If a password is required it will show a lock alongside them. You are able to gauge if you have a Wi-Fi signal by looking for the radiating line. You can speedily join any unprotected network by easily tapping on the name, but continue with caution. During research a flaw was discovered in iPhone which allows malicious Wi-Fi hotspot this take control of the iPhone. Until Apple sorts this issue allows connect to encryption-protected networks, if you like to join locked network, even to view the settings for the listed networks, and then click the blue arrow right of a network name. On the resulting display you`ll find an option “FORGET THIS NETWORK” tap on the option if you like to delete a network on the screen.

Another entry on this list allows you to join any hidden network, when you tap on it you can add the name of network and also specify the type of security is used. After you done, just tap the back row button this is on the left top return to OTHER NETWORK screen, now you can type an appropriate password and join. Under the Wi-Fi Networks screen here you will see an ASK TO JOIN NETWORK option. When this switch is on your iPhone automatically will join other know networks, like the ones you joined previously, once you switch this  option off, then you will have choose a network manually that’s only if none known networks are available.

How to get contacts on iPhone: part 1

iPhone Contact
iPhone Contact

There are a few ways off getting your contacts to your iPhone. The easiest way is through iTunes, which will automatically sync your contacts between the iPhone and your computer. Although you able to sync your iPhone’s contacts only with one computer at one time, but it does not necessarily be the exact same computer you’ve used to sync the media files. Syncing is bidirectional if there are any changes that are made to any contact on you iPhone will come up on your computer, or vise versa.

Syncing with MAC
On the Mac, iPhone will sync the contacts from an online Yahoo Address Book or OS X`s Address Book. When you initially connect to your Mac, then iTunes shall ask which one of the contacts you like to import, you are able to import all contacts in the OS X`s Address Book or specific selected groups, maybe you have created different contact groups at Address Book. By choosing Sync Yahoo Address Book Contacts option, Yahoo users will able to sync all their online contacts. You only have to provide your password and user name and iTunes will do the rest. If contacts are stored in some program instead off Address Book even a Web site that’s not Yahoo, you could still use them. The idea is to put your contacts into the Address book. If Microsoft Entourage is been used the process is pretty simple (you must have latest version of Entourage, part of Microsoft Office 11.3.5 or even later. Open Entourage`s preference then select Sync Service screens, now enable this option to Synchronize Contacts With Mac And Address Book within minutes, all your Entourage contacts shall migrate into Address Book. From this point forward, Address Book, and hence iPhone would automatically reveal all the changes that are made to the contacts In Entourage and vise versa. Regrettably, Groups and Entourage Categories are not synchronized; you are going to have them re-created within the Address Book. For other Web services and address-book programs you will need the vCard format to export all contacts, after saving these files onto a folder to your Mac, merely drag them to an open Address Book window and import your contacts. Unfortunately here you are unable to synchronize your contacts, which means after any changes you make you will have to change both, your Address Book and Web site or contacts program.

Synching with the PC
With Windows PC, iTunes allows you to sync from the Yahoo`s Address Book, the Window`s Address Book or Microsoft Outlook. The Window`s Address Book includes any of the contacts you have entered into Microsoft Outlook Express. The Windows Address Book can be reached also from the Accessories menu, but you will be using that contacts list through Outlook Express. Specific groups you pick out off the address book can sync with your iPhone, these groups then become accessible through the Group Screen, or through a Groups button which appears at the upper of All Contacts screen which is on the left.

Unlock the iPhone

If you want more out of your iPhone than its inbuilt features then you have to think in terms of iPhone jailbreaking so that you can not only use it for the purpose you want but also enjoy the services of other cellular companies, use Flash, get access to many restricted applications already present within the iPhone, use a variety of wallpaper, use third party applications, use video chat, watch live TV and also get to enjoy free roaming facilities. More importantly, if you have to unlock your iPhone, there is no choice but to jailbreak it so that you can connect to other networks without any hassle. Jailbreaking your iPhone will also improve the resale value of your iPhone tremendously since any prospective buyer will want and will get all the facilities readymade and he or she would not have to do anything.

However, you first need to understand how Apple has put together this wonderful device. There are two partitions that talk to each other – one is the media partition and the other is the partition which houses the operating system itself. It is thus logical that all media related applications such as the ability to play MP3, view movies, save contacts and other such related files are saved in this media partition. Only the core files which help you operate your gadget are placed in the partition housing the operating system.

Fortunately, there is a software available that will help you unlock and jailbreak your iPhone easily, how to jailbreak an iphone. This software does not lead to any loss of features or functionality of the iPhone and what’s more is offered with a money back guarantee. There is also a life time membership offer where you need not have to pay for the unlocking or jailbreaking of any iPhone in future. This software works with all versions of iPhone and even the older iTouch models. The providers of this software also are willing to give future support if required. It is therefore worthwhile trying out such software since you would have nothing to lose.

If you are concerned about the legality of jailbreaking, then rest assured that it is fully legal and as long as your gadget is not used to hurt somebody, there is no problem. You would however forfeit the warranty of the device and this is true in most European countries. Jailbreaking also generally does not harm the device and you can thus try out the software to unlock your iPhone.