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How to get contacts on iPhone: part 1

iPhone Contact
iPhone Contact

There are a few ways off getting your contacts to your iPhone. The easiest way is through iTunes, which will automatically sync your contacts between the iPhone and your computer. Although you able to sync your iPhone’s contacts only with one computer at one time, but it does not necessarily be the exact same computer you’ve used to sync the media files. Syncing is bidirectional if there are any changes that are made to any contact on you iPhone will come up on your computer, or vise versa.

Syncing with MAC
On the Mac, iPhone will sync the contacts from an online Yahoo Address Book or OS X`s Address Book. When you initially connect to your Mac, then iTunes shall ask which one of the contacts you like to import, you are able to import all contacts in the OS X`s Address Book or specific selected groups, maybe you have created different contact groups at Address Book. By choosing Sync Yahoo Address Book Contacts option, Yahoo users will able to sync all their online contacts. You only have to provide your password and user name and iTunes will do the rest. If contacts are stored in some program instead off Address Book even a Web site that’s not Yahoo, you could still use them. The idea is to put your contacts into the Address book. If Microsoft Entourage is been used the process is pretty simple (you must have latest version of Entourage, part of Microsoft Office 11.3.5 or even later. Open Entourage`s preference then select Sync Service screens, now enable this option to Synchronize Contacts With Mac And Address Book within minutes, all your Entourage contacts shall migrate into Address Book. From this point forward, Address Book, and hence iPhone would automatically reveal all the changes that are made to the contacts In Entourage and vise versa. Regrettably, Groups and Entourage Categories are not synchronized; you are going to have them re-created within the Address Book. For other Web services and address-book programs you will need the vCard format to export all contacts, after saving these files onto a folder to your Mac, merely drag them to an open Address Book window and import your contacts. Unfortunately here you are unable to synchronize your contacts, which means after any changes you make you will have to change both, your Address Book and Web site or contacts program.

Synching with the PC
With Windows PC, iTunes allows you to sync from the Yahoo`s Address Book, the Window`s Address Book or Microsoft Outlook. The Window`s Address Book includes any of the contacts you have entered into Microsoft Outlook Express. The Windows Address Book can be reached also from the Accessories menu, but you will be using that contacts list through Outlook Express. Specific groups you pick out off the address book can sync with your iPhone, these groups then become accessible through the Group Screen, or through a Groups button which appears at the upper of All Contacts screen which is on the left.

How to active iPhone?

Once you have purchased your iPhone you can get it activated from your computer. In order to sync and activate your phone, you need the copy of iTunes 7.3 if its not included then you can download it. You will also need 500MHz with min G3 processor, running Mac OS X 10.4.10 or Windows 2000, Vista, XP or PC with 500MHz Pentium processor. The computer has to have a 2.0 USB port; you also have to have your Apple ID and password. To set the time and date, setup pass codes for your phone also pair or enable Bluetooth devises and much more.

This screen has the name of the phone, the number of videos, songs, photos and the name of the network you using on your iPhone.

After a period of time the phone screen locks to reactivate the phone press home button. The AUTO-LOCK screen allows you to set after how many minutes you like the phone to go off.

Passcode lock
You can set a four-digit code on your phone this way only you are able to use the phone. You are also able to change the passcode as you feel fit, you have an option to display the preview of SMS messages received while the phone is locked.

How to change your settings
You will be able to access the program selection from its settings screen, this accessible via the home screen. Here you will also be able to change the system wide settings like the brightness, wallpaper and sound. At the phones setting screen here you will also find the option to change to Airplane Mode. The setting screen is very crowded with 12 different entries on the main screen. Here is what each setting does. If you travel a lot then this a very important feature when boarding a plane, Airplane Mode turns off all the phones wireless capabilities such as EDGE, Wi-Fi, making and receiving calls and all Bluetooth communication. Once the phone is in Airplane Mode you won’t be able to use any functions on the phone except for iPod functions, and download and read any e-mail or SMS messages. If you already connected to the Wi-Fi network the networks name will be on right of the screen by tapping the arrow on the screen you will access the network. This shows you for how long you used the iPhone also how long the phone was on standby from the last time it was recharged. The phone also displays EDGE network data and all call times. Here you are able to change the Vibrate mode off and on, change ringtones and alerts to suite you. You can also put you keyboard on mute and change the volume of your ringtones, from the volume button at the side of the phone on the on-screen slider. The wallpaper will appear when you receive a call or when the phone is locked. You can use a picture of your choice or you able to choose from Apples bundle patterns or photos or even something you sync from your computer.