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Free SIM Cards in UK

SIM Cards in UK
Free SIM Cards in UK

The free SIM cards are the best deals which can be easily used with any type of unlocked mobile phones. The free SIM cards are covered with many benefits and the user can get these cards by signing a form on a particular website to request for SIM cards for free. This will not require any payment. The next step after buying a mobile phone will be buying a SIM card which is the lifeline of mobile phones. The users can choose the SIM from the company they want it and now with the advent of latest technology some types of mobile phones are also offering the functionality of dual SIM. The mobile phone market is now pouring with many mobile phone retailers who are providing free SIM cards.

Many network companies are providing the free SIM cards which comprises lucrative plans and also offers more bonus minutes and free internet usage. The users can flexibly select the plan that they want it and also suits their lifestyle. The SIM for free will be the perfect choice for those who have unlocked mobile phones, this is because they can insert the SIM and remove it anytime they want it. There are many online portals and websites providing information about free SIM cards and also you can get the list of different companies that are offering free SIM cards.

There are many companies offering free SIM cards in the UK like Three, Vodafone, T Mobile, Tesco Mobile Free SIM, Free Orange SIM cards, Virgin Mobile, O2 and much more.  The free SIM cards in UK for international students will benefit them to get SIM cards which offer low rates for making both national and international calls. This will also help to avoid any roaming charges and will also help to reduce about 80% of charges. The only thing to ensure in this case is that the mobile has GSM and can operate on 1800 MHz frequency. The Mobile World SIM card is the best and cheapest SIM card in the UK. The free SIM cards will help to get many best offers like saving 80% on international roaming cost, receive the incoming calls absolutely for free, call Canada, USA for just 5p/min and much more. This will help you to have an absolute control over the costs to make calls and will be the best choice of selecting SIM card for the unlocked mobile phones.

Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 OS

After three of iOS leading the smart phone market with iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, Microsoft have today launch Windows Phone 7 smart-phone operating system (OS) in UK and it will be available in America early next month. The Window phone 7 is released to provide a formidable competitor in the smart phone operating systems market; Windows Phone 7 OS is going to face lots of good competitors in the market such as Nokia, Google Andriod, Apple iPhone 3 and iPhone4. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has made no secret of his intention of Microsoft to target iPhone, despite his initial scepticism about the potential for the iPhone given its less than impressive battery life. That the focus has shifted from outright dismissal to seeing the iPhone as corporate enemy number one is a sign that Microsoft is happy to adopt a niche brand strategy, something unthinkable when it comes to Windows on the PC and Office.

Window Phone 7

According to Microsoft sources, the new Window phone 7 OS is a complete rebuilt window phone and should be able to appeal to users because it is totally user friendly with lots of app and interface. This new operating system has been built around ‘hubs’ with music and photos together, which are then synchronised with storage services on the Web and the user’s personal computer. It is believe that Windows Phone 7 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, and even a pretty smart mobile operating system. The Window phone 7 OS will be available on nine phones, and with 60 operators in 30 countries.

The new Window phone 7 is parked with lots of ready to use apps such as Twitter, eBay, Facebook, railway timetables are ready for launch with more apps in the pipeline. Microsoft has partnered with three smart phone manufacturers, which include HTC, LG and Samsung, so you can get your window phone 7 OS on any of them.