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Useful Apps for College Students

Useful Apps for College Students

Smartphone, iPad and iPhone are great devices which do not just provide you entertainment but they are also the best resources of education. There are tons of applications which are available in these amazing devices for the college students. Due to the rapid popularity of tablet computers and Smartphone, more and more new apps are coming up into the world of technology. Developers of applications are continuously delivering new methods which help people to become more creative and connected with the world. Berg Insight reported that the downloading of the number of mobile and tablet applications will increase to approximately 98 billion in 2015 while most of these downloading will be from the students of college in order to improve their habits in study, productivity and make their education life easier. This article will give you an overview of some of the most useful applications which are available in market for the education purposes. Let’s have a look at them!

iStudiez Pro

This is a great powerhouse for students which allows them to easily manage, track, plan and synchronize the schedules of activities and classes, deadlines and much more. With this app, you can make planning of your schedule to fulfill your educational tasks, set reminders for working time, manage your assignments properly and also find out your grades. Synchronization with the iCal will help you to maintain you entire activities in a single place. iStudiez pro supports iPod touch, iPad and iPhone devices and it costs $2.99.


This application is one of the most used applications by college students and its purpose is to create audio, text or image notes and you can access your created notes at any time you want. Not only this, this application creates the searchable text and you can capture the picture of a whiteboard. Its premium features let you to perform synchronization and share files in different formats including PDF, Word, Excel and PPT. the application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPoud touch and you can download it with free of cost.

Science Glossary

Science Glossary application is used to access the definitions of thousands of scientific terms and also link to the meaning of these terms quickly. You can connect with the online learning sections and find the bios of people who have significant history in science. It is free application and supports three Apple devices namely iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

100 Words Almost Everyone Mispronounce

You can download this great application if you want to learn about controversial or tricky words. It has almost 100 such words that slip by even the well read students. These words are selected by editors of the “American Heritage Dictionaries”. Do you have problem in pronouncing some words? Don’t worry! This application is your answer. With this, you can hear the pronunciation correctly at anytime, anywhere you are as this application also do not need internet connection and everything is stored in it. You can download it in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device and its price is only $2.99.

Are Smartphones Making us More Efficient?

Smartphone Technology
Smartphone Technology

Who don’t like to have Smartphone in their hands? Of course no body! It is one of the most leading and large revolutions that happened in the today’s technology. In recent time, the internet may refer to the world shaker but pocket size devices which have introduced the internet feature may have shaken the earthquake. There are a lot of factors that forced us to use these devices such as production tools and application. So, now you cannot even imagine doing your important work without using them because they are now essential parts of our lives to move ahead. Are smartphones showing good or bad impact on our lives? Are they making everyone more efficient than old days? In this article you will get the answer for these questions.

Information overload:

Start explaining it with the negative points of Smartphone. The most common problem that everybody is facing currently is information overload. We see a lot of things in these devices such as facebook, email, LinkedIn, Twitter, RSS feeds and much more. These all applications are always present in smartphones and there is rare time when you sit and see the walls of your room or just think. For most people, meaning of smartphones is never clocking off any time. This is the time for creative thinking but many users report for the information overload when they access to the internet.

Attention Span:

Attention span is another common problem of this time. In other words you can call this problem as the availability of the distractions. There are many people that may face with some form of the information overloading issue because the unlimited availability of information may be addictive. Today, people do not think because they know they can get information from internet. Rather than thinking about problem, they simply go to the Google.

Always-on connectivity:

Smartphones have explored the workspaces that were not present there traditionally. By using these devices, you ca n be contactable at times that you normally cannot do. But now you can do it on train, airplane and home. By using cloud base Smartphone applications, you can easily access to the most of the same resources.

Productivity apps:

There is a wide variety of productive application in Smartphones that provide functionalities to use them in unique way. Various things such as electronic signature capturing removed the value of the dedicated devices. Now the automatically uploading of signatures of customers is possible and also any kind of information that need to the folder in cloud. Things such as mileag trackers catch the GPS of the phone in order to track the mileage with more efficiently and more effectively than finding the vehicle’s mileage.

Disruptive technologies:

From various aspects, it is clear that the great Smartphone invention contains high potential but their potential is strong for distracting to the aid. It is the Smartphone which has opened the door of huge productivity gains but due to disruptive technology it is necessary to find how to incorporate them in our happy lives.

Facts about Apple iPhone

iPhone 4
Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is the popular multimedia Smartphone which comes with an internet connection with the touch screen. This iPhone also features nominal hardware interface and it renders the virtual keyboard on touch screen as it does not have the physical keyboard. The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals of Apple iPhone provides more information about the functions and best deals in the market.

The function of Apple iPhone includes that of the media player and camera phone in addition with visual voicemail and text messaging. The internet services offered by this iPhone include web browsing, e-mil and connectivity of local Wi-Fi. The quad band GSM was the first generation hardware which features EDGE and second generation adds UMTS by featuring HSDPA. This Apple iPhone was introduced initially in US in 2007 and it was later introduced worldwide. In 2008, iPhone 3G has been released and it well supports fast 3G data speed and also assists GPS. In order to get best iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals the first advertisement for the Apple iPhone was aired on ABC on 25th February, 2007. The advertisements featured describing about the features of the iPhone very cleverly by demonstrating on-screen.

The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals, states about the availability of the Apple iPhone. About 270,000 iphones were sold out in first 30 hours on launch in 2007 and according to Entertainment Software Association about 8 million iPhones have sold in U.S. More over the iPhones were also made subsequently available in other five countries like UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and France. The first 3G iPhone was sold in New Zealand

Apple has now designed the new application that streams the contents of YouTube wirelessly to the iPhone over the networks of EDGE or Wi-Fi and it is possible to play it on the 3.5” display of the iPhone. The users of Apple iPhone can also enjoy the YouTube that they want it an iPhone on the wide screen TV with the Apple TV. It also enables the user to send YouTube video to their friends and create an email. The iPhone Reviews and iPhone Deals also states about the specification of the Apple iPhone. This iphone features OS X operating system with 4 to 8 GB flash memory. It features Quad band GSM, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, EDGE. The input method opted is Multi-touch screen interface. This iPhone also features a non removable rechargeable battery.

Apple iPhone 4

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

It seems a lot longer than three and a half years since the very first iPhone was released into the world. The Apple phone has been an unbelievable success all around the world, outselling almost every other smartphone on the market and with the remarkable release of the 3GS in summer 2009 it seemed that Apple had even excelled themselves. This turned out to be only the tip of the iceberg though as the company had something even more special up their sleeve. In June 2010 Apple announced and then released the iPhone 4, the company’s most successful phone yet.

The iPhone 4 had plenty of upgrades from the previous version of the phone and one of the most important changes, one that has give the phone’s users plenty of joy over the last half a year or so, is the Retina Display Technology that is utilised on the phone. The screen resolution on the iPhone 4 is absolutely remarkable and is still the best available on the smartphone market. It is so good in fact, that the human eye is unable to pick out a single pixel on the display. In real terms this means that, when watching videos, films or playing games the difference between the iPhone 4 and other smart phones with lesser technology is hugely noticeable.

Another of the new features on the fourth instalment of the iPhone that has attracted much attention over the last nine months has been the revolutionary Face Time feature. This feature uses the phone’s front facing camera in order to bring users real time video calling, something that mobile phones have been trying to achieve for years. The Face Time application is very much straddling the line of what mobile phones are able to achieve today it is only available when you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi but this is only a small criticism as it really is great to talk to your friends and see their smiling faces!

These two features just go to show that, although the iPhone 4 was released a number of months ago it still has aspects of it that are, as yet unmatched by the rest of the mobile phone market.

How to get started with your iPhone

iPhone is a new generation of cell phones, 3G is the second generation of iPhone, a smartphone made by Apple that combines an iPod, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a cellular phone. You will learn a few thing on how to get start with your iPhone if you just bought one. iPhone is all most the same thing as the iPods it comes with a standard audio jack of 3.5mm instead of the 2.5mm found on most cell phones.  Unfortunately the jack is buried a little into the handsets body, making this incompatible to most headphones you may own. The iPhone has an internal microphone this is found at the right bottom of the phone, used only to make calls and it is unable to record any external audio. The headset works exactly as the iPod’s earbuds, you are able take calls through it and listen to the audio from its YouTube videos and iPod program. The headset is different from the iPod ones; it has a tiny microphone which is attached to a cable that’s dangling from the right earbud, making it possible to hear voice during a call when it’s plugged in. The headset comes with a built in switch you can press the microphone once when watching a video or listening to music to playback or pause. Press twice to skip a track, if you receive a call you can press the microphone once to answer and end a call. If you want to send a call to voice mail then press and hold for a couple of seconds. It will beep twice once it’s done. You can also take one call and put the other on hold, or go back to the call on hold. The iPhone comes standard with 30-pin iPod port connector to connect to you computer or your other accessories. Due to the different shape from the iPod it might not fit well in several accessories. Interference from the iPhones antenna may not allow the speakers to work except in airplane Mode. At the left bottom edge of your iPhone resides the speaker, the sound comes from here if you have a call on the speakerphone. It also plays the video and music audio on your phone. Since it has only one speaker it only plays audio in mono meaning single channel.

Such as all current GMS phones, this iPhone also uses a SIM card. At the top of your phone you will find a little slot for the SIM card. The iPhone comes preinstalled with the SIM card and activates through iTune. Unfortunately you won’’t be able to use your old phone SIM card in the iPhone it won’t work because the iPhone SIM card has new and special characteristic which are not in other SIM cards.

Rounding on the top is the on/off and sleep/wake button, this switch has four functions. You can press the swish briefly this will lock your screen, but the phone can still play music and receive calls, just the screen will be off. If you press this button again you will unlock or wake up the iPhone, to shut the phone off completely then hold down the button for some seconds. Once the phone is shut down it won’t play music, ring or anything else. To reactivate the phone you just have to press the button again.