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How to Choose the Best External Hard Drives

Best External Hard Drives
Best External Hard Drives

The external hard drives are very helpful in having computer backups. Computers are not always reliable to store important information and data as it can be lost any time. But the external hard drives will help in preventing any loss of files and it be used for both the laptops and desktop computers. The external hard drives can be easily installed and used. They are available in various storage sizes. There are many factors to be considered while buying the best external hard drives. Some of them include the capacity of the hard drive, what can be stored in it, how easy is that to use, budget and who can use it. Buying the large capacity external hard drives are always best. The speed of access of the hard drive must be considered when doing video editing as this is being done to spin speed which is measured in rpm. Most of the hard drive will have either 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM. But now, it is also possible to get the external hard drives with 10000 RPM and 15000 RPM.

The external hard drives are very useful to store images, video, audio and other types of files. The software that comes with the external hard drive is more important to be considered to use it easily. The best external hard drives can be simply plugged into the Firewire or USB connection. If there is more than one computer then there is a need for an external hard drive that connects to the network and software to support the connections in order to take backup. The next thing to be considered while buying the best external hard drives is the budget which is always the deciding factor. To decide or select the external hard drive to buy based on the budget, it is also important to determine the size and quantity of files that needs to be back up. This is because the files that have sound, videos, graphics may require more space. It is important to ensure that there is at least 50 percent of the spaces is free on the external hard drive. Comparing the external hard drive on form factor is essential. The mobility, performance and capacity of the hard drive can be determined by its size. A large external hard drive will have high capacity and offers better performance.

Choosing Between a Hard Disk and a SSD for your Netbook

Notebook Storage

Why should you be confused by storage? Surely, that’s an easy decision, right?  All you have to do is buy a netbook that has a sufficiently large hard drive capacity to hold all of your files and programs.

Well, it’s actually a bit more complicated than that, because today’s netbooks have two storage options, traditional hard disk drives and solid state drives. Here is the lowdown on both types.

Which one would you choose? Netbooks with 16 GB of solid state drives or those with conventional 160 GB hard disks? Both are available at the same price.

You may wonder if this is a typo. It seems a little ridiculous to limit yourself with only 16 GB of storage when you can have 10 times more storage for the same price level.

This is a problem netbook buyers occasionally face. Due to the fact that solid state drives are a lot more expensive than contemporary hard drives, netbook manufacturers use low-capacity solid state drives to keep prices down. Here is a bit of advice if you are having trouble making a quick decision.

Buy a netbook with normal hard drive if you want to:

  • Install lots of programs
  • Store MP3 files and movies on your drive
  • Run programs that use big cache and files (such as graphics editing or professional mapping programs)

Buy a netbook with an SSD if:

  • You like to have the lightest configuration possible
  • You prefer very fast startup times
  • You don’t plan on installing other programs beyond internet browsers and Office applications.
  • You use the netbook only for accessing the web

However, most buyers choose conventional hard drive instead SSD.  SSDs are quiet, fast and durable, but their low capacity and higher price can be a turn off. When 120 or 160 GB SSDs significantly come down in price, they may change their tune.  Modern hard drives for laptops are reliable, affordable, and popular – and are generally easy to replace or swap.