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Are Smartphones Making us More Efficient?

Smartphone Technology
Smartphone Technology

Who don’t like to have Smartphone in their hands? Of course no body! It is one of the most leading and large revolutions that happened in the today’s technology. In recent time, the internet may refer to the world shaker but pocket size devices which have introduced the internet feature may have shaken the earthquake. There are a lot of factors that forced us to use these devices such as production tools and application. So, now you cannot even imagine doing your important work without using them because they are now essential parts of our lives to move ahead. Are smartphones showing good or bad impact on our lives? Are they making everyone more efficient than old days? In this article you will get the answer for these questions.

Information overload:

Start explaining it with the negative points of Smartphone. The most common problem that everybody is facing currently is information overload. We see a lot of things in these devices such as facebook, email, LinkedIn, Twitter, RSS feeds and much more. These all applications are always present in smartphones and there is rare time when you sit and see the walls of your room or just think. For most people, meaning of smartphones is never clocking off any time. This is the time for creative thinking but many users report for the information overload when they access to the internet.

Attention Span:

Attention span is another common problem of this time. In other words you can call this problem as the availability of the distractions. There are many people that may face with some form of the information overloading issue because the unlimited availability of information may be addictive. Today, people do not think because they know they can get information from internet. Rather than thinking about problem, they simply go to the Google.

Always-on connectivity:

Smartphones have explored the workspaces that were not present there traditionally. By using these devices, you ca n be contactable at times that you normally cannot do. But now you can do it on train, airplane and home. By using cloud base Smartphone applications, you can easily access to the most of the same resources.

Productivity apps:

There is a wide variety of productive application in Smartphones that provide functionalities to use them in unique way. Various things such as electronic signature capturing removed the value of the dedicated devices. Now the automatically uploading of signatures of customers is possible and also any kind of information that need to the folder in cloud. Things such as mileag trackers catch the GPS of the phone in order to track the mileage with more efficiently and more effectively than finding the vehicle’s mileage.

Disruptive technologies:

From various aspects, it is clear that the great Smartphone invention contains high potential but their potential is strong for distracting to the aid. It is the Smartphone which has opened the door of huge productivity gains but due to disruptive technology it is necessary to find how to incorporate them in our happy lives.

Does technology enrich lives of people or clutter them?

Does technology enrich lives

Technology has changed the world. In a survey done recently, it was found that total number of computers in the New York City is more than the number in the entire continent of Africa.  To keep ourselves in pace with the fast growing technology is challenging. But is this development making the world better or is it making it worse?

The issue is a controversial one as different people have different mindsets. Technology has taken much of the part of modern life. There are minds which see technology as a force out of control of humans whereas others believe it to have contributed to the improvement of quality of life. The fact is that application of knowledge has gradually urbanized over the years aimed at the betterment of our day-to-day lives. Do the technological devices existing and entering the market everyday enrich our lives? It cannot be denied that technology helps us in performing our tasks quickly and efficiently and gadgets shunning the rest world. Imagine the world without laptops, music, cars, buildings, gadgets, machines, well, it is now even hard to imagine!

Taking into account fields like medicine, education, daily life, saying that technology has made lives worse would not be justified. It is because of technology that our daily lives have moved on to unprecedented levels. Not only daily life is benefitted, medicine is another important field where technology has proved to be boon. Many diseases which were a cause of massive deaths can now be cured. People are living healthier life as such. Similarly advancement in the equipments makes surgical procedures easy. Another major reason that technology deserves an applaud is in the advancement in the field of education. Learning for the students is made easy through medias like projectors, video conferences, and computer.

If we consider such benefits of technology, it can be concluded that contribution technology has made in the quality of life outweighs the deficits. Development and application of tools, mobile phones, machines, processes and materials to solve problems is a wonderful thing. Take a look around, all you’ll see technology in every particle. Doesn’t that fascinate you, how can a person talk to a friend sitting miles far from him. How does it feel when we are in some other world, some other planet! Imagine you have to write the bunch of papers on your own had there been no laptop!

Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. And now need of the hour is to keep ourselves updated with all the technologies entering and leaving the world each day. To make every person aware of the changing technology and so that it benefits all, technological news are posted regularly on the sites. Using internet it is possible to know what is happening in the world and keep ourselves updated. Thus to keep moving with this advancing world, it is necessary to  know every development and make it a part of our lives if it actually benefits you, every technology is made to benefit the mankind.