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How to send a text message from iPhone

Start a conversation
To send messages via a SMS, click on your Text button which is on Home screen, then you may tap on new-message icon. Enter a recipient`s cell-phone number, type in the contact`s name ( same as in Mail, shows up the list of contacts which matches, select one by clicking on it), otherwise click on your plus sign to select an existing contact that’s in the contacts list. Make sure that you choose a contact`s cell-phone number otherwise you message wont be send. (Unfortunately, not same as the SMS features on various other phones, your Text only allows just a single recipient a message) Use your on-screen keyboard when typing a message, thereafter tap on the Send. What will happen next separates a Text program in the iPhone in comparison to a basic SMS feature on other phones. It doesn’t take you back on the main messaging screen; instead Text will open a screen that looks very similar to the iChat window on Mac. The message to your recipient, also all subsequent messages send by you appears at the right inside colored balloons and the replies you may receive from that contact will appear in different colored balloons on your left side.

Messages which appear within short interval come grouped together within a single time frame showing what time back-and-forth started, and if considerable time passes since your last message in your conversation, a new message receives another time stamp. Regrettably, not like most modern cell-phones, Text does not support MMS, this is a variant type of SMS which allows you to send media file and photos via text messages. Nonetheless, if anyone sends you their phone number or a URL, you will be able click on those items and use it immediately. When you tap on any URL it will open a link in Maps, Mails or Safari, depends on what type link, while clicking a phone number shall call that number. Tap the little arrow button that’s next to a message and you will reveal an option to add the number or link to an existing or new contact, or, a cell-phone number, sending new SMS message at that number. Here we get to the facts the iPhone lacks in the copy and paste feature. To have another message send to that same person click within text field below the window. Text preserves the entire SMS conversation, which you have with that other person on one screen. That conversation window will be kept above multiple conversations, making it possible to see all messages from and to each recipient, yet they are days, months or weeks apart. This approach makes it more useful than any SMS functionality for most phones that stores every message separately. When you decide that you prefer a live chat, then simply tap the Call key on the top on your conversation screen, here you call the person on the number you used to SMS. If you like to call another number or send an e-mail, click the Contacts info key and access their contact information.